GI Renew #2 - Mild (2oz Glycerin)


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Choose the Correct GI Renew Formula Based on Your Current Bowel Movement Frequency

  • GI Renew #0 is for excessive movements and diarrhea-type stools.
  • GI Renew #1 is for loose stools and those who have 3 or more movements a day.
  • GI Renew #2 is for one bowel movement a day, or someone who misses a day once in awhile.
  • GI Renew #3 is for someone whose bowels move every other day to every 3rd day.
  • GI Renew #4 is for someone whose bowels move every third day or so.
  • GI Renew #5 is for someone whose bowels are not moving much at all and needs a big boost to get going.

Customer Reviews

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Brodrick Smith (Bedford, US)
GI Renewal WORKS

I am so glad I found out Dr. Morse's products and guidance to a no nonsense simple explanation to better health. I bought two of his books as well as GI Renewal and Kidneys and Gall Bladder formula. They are strong and work well. Worth more than they cost. Going for lymphatic and 3 lung formula next. Thank You! 🙏🏿

Kimberly Gans (Palm Desert, US)
GI Renew # 2

Excellent product as all of the botanicals are top notch

dee em gee (Deerfield Beach, US)
fabulous formula

effective, helpful, a must!

Denise (Spring Hill, US)

GI Renew #2 - Mild (2oz Glycerin)

Tamra Rose (Seattle, US)
Gi Renew

Smooth move!!