Kidneys & Bladder IV - Diuretic (2oz Glycerin)


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  • Parsley (Whole Plant)
  • Burdock Root
  • Uva Ursi Leaf
  • Hydrangea Root
  • Chickweed Herb
  • Juniper Berry
  • Horsetail Herb

All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated

Other ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Raw Honey, Water, and 1-7% alcohol

Please see our FAQ page for the difference between the various formula numbers, and for information on how to use the Kidneys & Bladder, Lymphatic System and Lymph Nodes formulas together.

Customer Reviews

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Tessa Marcinkowski
Magic in a bottle

It definitely does what it says it does. I pee so so so many times a day it's incredible! Flushing all of those toxins out! Fruits and herbs for the win!

Susan Farrahi (Pacific Grove, US)
Moving right along

Hello, I have been on my protocol that Julia set up for me since Jan of this year... Holy Cow batman~ there is some crazy things moving right along. Not only in my stool but more importantly in my pineal and pituitary. I have had MS for 30 years. When looking at me, one would never know.. Mine is cognitive and it has felt as if there has been a vice around my head for 30 years..Since taking my 11 tintitures and capsules, it feels as if there is a pipe cleaner in there as a cork screw feeling . It often feels like slunge making its way out. I also have smoldering myeloma and it will be interesting to get my lab work done in June and hear my oncologist say, I do not know what it is you are doing but whatever it is, keep doing it. She said that last round my labs( every four months) Yaba Daba Doo I love you all..

Strong tonic

Very effective and strong. Flushes out toxicins. I don't use everyday but mostly around times of fasting and detox protocols. Drink much spring water!

Lori Rodolph (Rapid City, US)

I consumed one round of the extracts and see a difference. I am planning to do a second round as soon as I can.
Thank you, Dr. Morse, for your diligence to sharing good health knowledge with everyone!

Helen Miao (Cary, US)
1st order

Received pkg on time and packed properly for bottle protection! Thanks