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Response to The Ketogenic Diet and Acid- Forming Foods and Q&A 450

Feb 01, 2018 - 0 comments

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01:01:16 – “My grandson has this infection on his cheek which is now showing up on his other cheek. In the spring we thought it was eczema and would flair up if he was outside and got hot. About 6 weeks ago it showed up and never went away. Grew bigger, tried coconut oil, seemed to irritate it, tried geranium essential oil with Shea butter.. it increased irritation Took him in to see pediatrician because it become oozy. Prescribed antibiotic, he started A probiotic when we thought it was eczema and have continued the probiotic along with the antibiotic Morse, What do you recommend? Pediatrician said he has a skin bacteria.”

01:06:43 – Alexia – “I am a breastfeeding mother of an 8 month old baby, and from my understanding it is not good to detox while breastfeeding. I would like to breastfeed as long as possible, but I'd also like to detox as soon as possible. What are my options? Also, my daughter has had health problems. She had meningitis at 1 week old, was hospitalized for 1 month, and on LOVENOX blood thinner for 2-3 months after. She has recovered from all very well and seems to be a healthy, strong, smart baby. She is being monitored for hydrocephalus (which is currently not causing her any problems or any urgency to do surgery.) Would you recommend her to take the detox or be seen as a patient?”

01:12:40 – “HELLO doctor from Fresno ca. My case is strange I developed a dvt and it went undiagnosed for 4 months. It permanently destroyed the valves in my veins causing venous reflux and it's debilitating. I can't sit or stand because my blood pools in my leg. Doctors say I should be on elequis ( blood thinner ) for life because it was idiopathic and has no known cause. I feel like there's a solution to this that these doctors dont know. It's caused 9 months of anxiety, and sadness to my family and wife to be. I'm 24 and feel like my life had stoped. I als”

01:18:44 – Ra pun zel – “I collect my urine in a small jar every now and then. It is slightly yellow and not cloudy which proves = no visible filtering. But if you leave it in the jar for a day, then it turns cloudy and there is visible sediment and sometimes spiral mucous on the bottom of the bottle…So would Dr. Morse say it proves kidneys are slightly filtering as it needs time to settle to the bottom to be visible?”

01:21:05 – “I read the book of Dr Morse and I want to ask a question please. I inhaled asbestos fibres... is there any way I can clean it from my lungs? It's known that the body doesn't break it down. Please your help! (Im not a native speaker so if you can write to me in a fine English). Thank u so much for your answer.”

01:24:54 – Modro –“ I think my question is more to help educate others….can you please talk about the prevalence of parasites in patients who are suffering with autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia and lupus? It seems once the immune system is unhealthy that these nasty critters take over. I don’t think many doctors know about this, but at least three (including my dentist, endo, and a neurologist) are open to some of these ideas. My endo was surprised as he was the 1st dr I saw when I had symptoms last year, but thought that it made sense. I was treated with diatomaceous earth (meh…but it worked!) I know that there are other herbal treatments as well. Can you also discuss the plusses and minuses of the treatments and how to identify which organism is causing the issue? My practitioner uses Applied kinesiology.”

01:41:34 – Frances – “I am doing the Grape detox, as I have lung cancer. I read the original Brandt grape cure last night. I am a little concerned as she wants me to drink water 12 hours at night then grape mush in the day. She is saying if you don't drink the water you can feed the cancer cells. Can you please tell me what you think about this as I am stressed out thinking I am causing more problems for myself.”

01:45:09 – Debra – “About 3 months ago I started on the all raw diet and took 4 weeks of the detox supplements. I stopped using my antidepressants and estrogen patches. I began using the patches about 20 years ago after a total hysterectomy. I'm feeling great except the hot flashes are terrible. I hoped after awhile they would lessen, but I'm having them almost hourly. The patch, Vivelle, is plant based estrogen, so I'm wondering if I should just start using them again? Is there an herbal supplement that would be healthier than using the patch?”

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