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Q&A - 454 - Yeast Infections, UTI, Neck Bulges, Hashimotos, Blood Sugar.

Feb 01, 2018 - 1 comment

08:30 - Janis - I am on the journey to Well-ville and I am in need of support, guidance, and a few herbs. My past includes toxic stress, years of high protien high fat and refined grains, diabetes, hyperglycemia, years of using bactrim and listening to bad medical and bad nutritional advice, 3 blown disks, microdiscectomy, stopped menstrating after surgery. Possibly neurological type 1 diabetes. I continue to struggle with hyperglycemia but need very little synthetic insulin. Went from using 60 units of Humalog a day down to less than one. Today I am using 5 units of Tresiba, long-acting insulin, to control my blood sugar's. I have been vegan for almost 4 years, recently eliminating grains and beans…

19:56 - Unknown - I have gone as far as i can with regular doctors. I need real healing. I am pregnant with yeast infection, UTI and pin worms I need to know how to safely get well without harming my baby.

25:34 - Elizabeth - HI I am 54 years old women had 3 back surgeries and a steel post and cage in my back,I have had 2 neck bulges disc now, had vagina mesh put in because of my bladder peeing all the time but I can't walk good no more tried all the time vagina dryness which has caused big problem for my husband because every time we have sex he gets redness and sore looking Penis but he also had a heart attack 2009 he has stopped all big pharma meds but we both need help and don't have much funds as I am on cpp disabilty the of 500.00 a month could please help us here…

32:56 - Ruby - I am a 28 year old woman with hashimotos, blood sugar issues, adrenal insufficiency and one kidney (due to removal in 2012 after my doctor missed a birth defect). I have been on the autoimmune version of the paleo diet (vegetable heavy) for roughly 1 year with good results antibody reduction and symptom wise. However despite my antibodies still coming down, my health has plateaued. I have noted that I cannot tolerate a lot of good fat without being very tired, or salt (including celery juice) because it gives me a kidney ache. I have become aware of your way of healing and would love to do it, but I've tried it and I can't seem to cope because of what feels like blood sugar stress, and I have read and experienced in my situation, that blood sugar stress further fuels the autoimmune condition…

56:49 - Alex - Dr. Talking on the radio about discovering Lymphatic cells.

01:01:08 - Adrenal gland adenoma was found when I had a cat scan for first kidney stone ever. I have read an adenoma is found in this situation or go undetected and are not found until a person has an autopsy. I have to annually take a cat scan to make sure the adenoma has not grown in size. I have since had another kidney stone. Last scan for adenoma it had not grown in size. Went through 24 hour urine testing & other test, saw a specialist & she sees no cause to be alarmed. Could this be a reason I do not feel well? Very fatigued, insomnia, body pain, no interest in anything, I have to drag myself to work everyday, would like to have much more happy times with my four grandchildren. I just feel exhausted.

01:07:29 - Frankie - .In 2007 I had endoscopic sinus surgery.Since then I've had all kinds of sinus issues.Present day I'm dealing with constant post nasal drip that won't go away.I always feel like I'm thirsty because of the constant swallowing.I've tried acupuncture and dietary changes.The only meat I eat right now is fish.I eat mainly a Mediterranean Diet.Can you suggest anything for me to do?

01:10:59 - basicallly i get alot sharp pain in the lower back and urethra area am fed up of THE PAIN now when i urinate it comes up foamy is it proteins? what do you advise? magnesium b6?

01:14:13 - I am a Male 82 in age, my problems are enlarged Prostate, kidneys ,Adrenal, Bladder infection, I need help selecting the right Product??? I am changing my Food to Fruit, Melon and Berry's .

01:18:58 - Do you have a natural cure to kill caries / tooth decay ?

01:22:22 - Miguel - First question: In my last bloodwork, I show very high level of uric acid and I can't figure out what that's possible with the diet I have, which is very healthy; do you think the cauliflower might have something to do with this? Any ideas? Second question: when I urine in the morning, I get a very clear urine, but when I leave it for 1-2days sitting outside, I start seeing it become very blurry and non-clear at all. Does this mean my kidneys are filtering or not?

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Sharon Huxford on February 14, 2018

Hi Robert and staff,
I’m so grateful for the light you bring into the world and the work you are doing on healing body, mind and soul. Please keep on and know you are loved and appreciated.

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