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Q&A - 449 - Fruit Drinks, Hair/Nervous System, Nerve Damage, Tourettes Syndrome/Tics

Feb 01, 2018 - 0 comments

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09:51 – Phyllis – I buy these organic cold pressed fruit drinks, only fruit in the bottle. Naked Brand – convenient for me for work. Even though it gives an expiration date I was wondering: Once the company makes and bottles it, once the outside of the bottle is exposed to light, once I open it and drink it all at once, open it and drink it slowly during the day but it refrigerated…Is the energy/alkalinity/astringency of these fruit juices now dead?...

24:45 – Jason – submitted pictures. Right side if the body is more stiff: especially the right ball of foot; just above the right knee; the right hip/ass area and the right side of jaw…

28:50 – Loanna – Is it true that hair is a natural extension of the nervous system? IF our hair is damaged by chemicals and medicines should we cut them or let them grow? If someone prefers very hot water in the shower does this indicate something bad for the persons health?

36:16 – Dana – If I am to start an online course with certification, on raw foods and detoxification, shall I start with your level 1 DVD course? I am presently doing a lot if running and fitness, and have taken up swimming as well. I want to build myself a strong body and push myself out of my comfort zone…

01:10:45 – Salah - I'm a 30 y/o male. Had surgery for left inguinal hernia in '08 with PP mesh. Chronic inflammation, nerve damage, etc. I didn't think I'd make it to 35. I recently found your teachings and began my detox 3 weeks ago, on 90% fruit now and awaiting herbs. I developed a perfect square rash on my mesh site. Already lost 18 lbs and feeling great. My question is, is it productive to detox with mesh still inside? Most who get it removed get worse from removal surgery.

01:16:33 – Johan - I used to have a warm energy around me and it sounded like many flies flying close together. Everything was extremely intense and life was wonderful. I sort of had a portal above me like a string it felt like and I was extremely free. It's like I already knew this world was in trouble as a kid. But instead of helping I've been extremely sick. Did I have to go through this pain to learn about true healing and reawakening myself? I have a huge need to bring my power back...

01:19:40 – Marko - Hi Robert, my question is about tourettes syndrome and tics which i have had since been an infant, (im 22 now). My tics involve eye rolling upwards, facial grimacing, neck stretching and jerking, stomach tensing, eye brow lifting and hand & arm movement. Been raw 3 months with a 2 week watermelon fast where one day i suddenly became extremely numb down my right arm and lost a significant amount of vision and felt sick, i then went to bed and woke up feeling fine. any advice for tics.

01:27:16 – Alek - Hi Dr Morse, can you make a video about herbs, types of herbs, basics of herbalogy, your top 10 or 20 herbs, I would like to know more about adaptogens, and if you could reduce your formulas to 2-3 herbs which ones would you use? Also, can you do a video series where you explain your formulas better?

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