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Q&A -438 - Pituitary and Breast Growth, Pets and Detox, Candida, Blood Pressure

Nov 30, 2017 - 0 comments

01:24 – Elizabeth – I’ve completely healed the eczema, and still continue to eat high fruit and detox every now and then.

03:52 – Article – Diet of protein shakes and supplements contributed to WA mum and bodybuilder’s death.

18:29 – TJ – I finally figured out that I’m not just “chubby” what I have is Lipedema. I switched to a Vegan Diet, gallon of water daily, yoga daily, and ordered your Kidney capsules to start out.

38:00 – Question concerning the pituitary and breast growth. In some videos Dr. Morse says breast size is influenced by the stilbestrol (adrenal cortex production hormone) and in other videos more recent he says it’s from the pituitary.

46:33 – Kim – I am anxious for you to incorporate pets into your world of healing. I have spent the last 5 years studying everything I can get my hands on to help my darling Boston Terrier. She has had several mast cell tumor’s removed. She has extreme allergies.

01:08:02 – Anonymous – I am now 40 years old and have been sick for as long as I can remember but have been debilitating ill for the last 10 years. I suffer from disconnection, weakness, exhaustion and fatigue, disorientation, lung issues, irritability, brain inflammation, retinal detachments, and severe dark depression…

01:37:39 – Lori - My name is Lori and I am currently a studying naturopath! I want to thank Dr. Morse for everything he does and all the wonderful health info he shares. I've learned so much from him! - My question is - I recently read a theory that certain adaptogens used for adrenal support actually STIMULATE the adrenals and may lead to more fatigue or an adrenal crash at some point. (if used too much or too long?) what are his thoughts on this?

01:42:47 – Jay – I am dealing with candida in my throat and oral thrush. I switched over to a raw food diet mainly fruit, some greens. I keep seeing online that an alkaline environment is actually one the candida thrives on. Is this true or false?

01:47:40 – Concerned Friend – My friend was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He is doing this detox and his MD told him he was very concerned and wants him to stop participating in the cleanse.

01:53:55- Ernest – What cause a sudden increase in blood pressure for prolonged period, lasting several days so far after having a regular to normal low pressure and how can I correct it? When I say high, I mean 148-154/90-102

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