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Q&A - 434 - Uterine Fibroid, Keratoconus, Infant Umbilical Hernia

Nov 30, 2017 - 0 comments

00:53 – Kim – Sent an email before this one with questions….

19:00 – Katie - 1. You speak of God/Creator a lot and I'm not sure what this means, are we talking about a religious God? Do you believe man was created in the bible sense? 2. You speak of karma, how do we work off our karma and how will we know if ascension is possible? There are so many "false lights" I find this subject confusing. 3. In regards to sex, is it a waste of energy/distraction?

48:23 – Cora – I was at the gynecologist and I had a polyp that he cut off and I still have a 9.5 cm uterine fibroid. The doctor instructed me to go to the hospital and perform laparoscopic surgery to remove it from part of the uterus.

1:00:56 – Dan - I have an eye diesiesin my eyes called Keratoconus which damaging the cornea and cause it become thinner and weaker which causing deformation. I Lost sight in my right eye have scars on the cornea from the deformation and cant get good vision with glasses or contacts lens and waiting for cornea transplant. in my left eye i can see better at this point .with glasses but i cant drive or sit infron the pc screen.the diesies is progressive.

1:11:37 – Ryan - I write to you for mom. Diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. They took 5 lymph nodes out under the right arm pit. Now the Cancer has exploded in the arm. They put her on the strongest chemo, and while arm has come down it still has much pressure. I got her on heal all tea and fruits and veggies as best as I can. I also keep telling her she need to get her to filter her kidneys. She insists they are. Any advice would be appreciated

1:20:27 – Rabenaly - I'm writing this e-mail because my gynecolist said that my uterus is bicornis but nevertheless it was normal, what would think about this. I sleep everyday and my lowerabdomen make me sick too then my back's giving me hell. But, Gynecologist sait to me it's normal as I'm pregnant (5months). Now, when I go to google for watching information about this all stesses me they said every wrong thing about this, I'm afraid about cesarean because my 3 childs was born through vaginal birth.It's new for me because I had 3 pregnancy but they aren't the same.

1:24:48 – Jessica – I have been following your work for awhile now and used quiet a few of your produces prior to conceiving my second daughter. I had my 2nd daughter on April 24th when she was 37 weeks since I ended up having cholestasis of pregnancy. She is doing fantastic, vaccine free and healthy. She has an umbilical hernia and I was wondering what if anything you know that could help this for her? I most def would like to avoid surgery on her.

1:29:00 – Rosemary - I just finished your cleansing kit 1-2. After that i’ve been doing a few 16-hour dry fast as my kidneys don’t seem to be filtering much. I have been eating a plant based diet since 2011 (1’5 year of being completely raw) but i started incorporating cooked meals again for dinner, still always keeping my fruits for the day I’m struggling with painful acne since quitting the birth control pill and going vegan in 2011. I never had any sorts of teens acne at all, always got complemented and had a very good clear skin. Had been on and off the birth control pill for 8-9 years. Only started breaking out for the very first time in my life after i permanently quit in 2011. 

01:38:03 – Alex - I was curious if strabismus could be corrected, since it’s a problem caused by improper muscle movements. Also, part of intermittent strabismus stems simply from day dreaming- so I was curious if this issue could be solved from a mindfulness approach. From a naturopath approach, what do you think can resolve this issue of weak eye muscles?

1:42:29 – Cedrick - Thank you for all what you are doing ! I am myself 95% Frugivore. I can see the benefits of it, many times I went back, because of the emotional addiction and "doubts" (once your mind gets glued with gluten...). I ve even experienced the breatharian I understand what you say. But I have a big question, How come the JAPANESE are so healthy ? or maybe we frugivore will live 300 yo ?

1:49:01 – Stephen – 87-year-old grandfather - I want to help extend his time here with detoxification but it feels risky (given his age & state of health)... I don't think my family would forgive me if something went wrong.

1:55:13 – Jessie - Hi there, My name is Jessie and Im a 23 year old female trying to heal from my neurological symptoms/degradation. My Nuero symptoms started about 4 years ago and I have been trying to recover from them. However as each year passes, my condition get worse. I am dealing with extreme brain fog, unable to process or think), memory loss, numbness, shakiness, visual  snow (my eye sight is full of thousands of 'floaters'), kidney heaviness and pain, fatigue, random depression, etc. It has gotten to the point of me not being able to function on a regular basis (mostly because of my brain function).

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