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Q&A - 420 - Parkinsons, Pilonidal Cyst, Benign Osteoma.

Jun 12, 2017 - 1 comment
10:53 - I am writing to you regarding my husband who was diagnosed with Parkinsons  three years ego.  He took pills for two years until this summer after I had read your book on raw diet (miracle of detox) and then in discussing with other friends who were on raw diet, he started a raw diet and after two months he stopped taking pills…

25:52 – Kevin- 'm wondering if you have ever successfully treated someone who had a pilonidal cyst. I've had one for a few years now and have noticed that if I shave the hair around the cyst and apply tea tree essential oil suppresses its growth but does not get rid of it completely…

31:39 – Alexandrea - My name is Alexandra and I'm 29 years old. I want to thank you for all your great videos. I have multiple weird symptoms for the last 5 years, plus I have my nose and ears clogged for about 10 years…

49:43 – Fiona - I purchased your Heal All Tea with the hopes of getting a good detox along with my 95% raw diet i had going a week prior to receiving it. I drank the tea about 9 days after the raw diet, I have to let you know, I have genital herpes and it seems that the next day of drinking the tea I felt the tingling of a break out till the fourth day it became pretty bad. Is this supposed to happen? I really don't want to take any medication if this will happen every time i detox. Also, I became really sick prior to the getting the tea I wasn't too sure if it was a healing crisis or what but it kicked my butt and I slept for a good 12 hours…

1:12:30 – Heidi -  I have a benign Osteoma (large bone growth on my skull).  It has become very large and causes me pain and mental worry.  The surgeon said it is a very simple surgery to remove, but the hospital quoted me $40,000 to remove it! The surgeon said in Chili the same surgery would only cost about $1000…

1:31:22 – Catherine - I was wondering about being a petite women as I am 5"2 and I have heard you mention in previous episodes that if a women is short that the pineal gland is suppressed? Also, I suffer from panic attack disorder since the age of 4. I am wondering if there is a link with my parathyroid, adrenals, pineal gland and thyroid. My questions is what can be done if anything to control this.  I have often felt that it is a chemical or hormonal reaction in my body despite my efforts to try and control my anxiety…

1:45:58 – Suzi - About 12 years ago I had the gastric bypass. It was a hard decision and one which I wouldn't make now. But here I am, it's taken me all these years to forgive myself spiritually for the action I chose. And I now have peace.  I'm expecting a whole bunch of herbs to arrive to me in New Zealand any day, and have been following many different modalities for the last six years - each one a deeper path to health and holistic well-being. I've listened to the short video saying don't have this surgery, and I'm in absolute agreement there, but can you address the other side for those tens of thousands of us who have already taken this option.

2:02:08 – Franck - How long shall we go on a fruit diet for and what shall we eat afterwards.
I apologize for my talking of me and perhaps making you wasting your time because I do not have a cancer or something grave. I don’t mind dying tomorrow or live very long but I just don’t want to suffer for the time being on Earth. I also like your linking the spiritual with the body. It appeals to me.

2:27:54 – Carmie - My big brother has a rare neurological illness called MERRF (Myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers) for over 20 years now. He has deteriorated a lot in these pas few years. He's  been on a feeding tube for over 1 year now, as he cannot swallow anymore, and the food will go directly into his lungs if he does eat a tiny bit of pureed food.

2:39:07 – Declan - I just wanted to ask your opinion on adding a liver and gall bladder formula or pancreas formula along with the initial fab 4 kit. Is it better to wait for evidence of kidney filtering before bowel cleaning with liver/gall and pancreas support also?

2:47:09 – Brenda - I have taken antibiotics for acne in my teens and sinus infections throughout my adult life. I am 58 years old and I can"t remember the last time I felt great. I know now I have a lot of sulfur in my eyes, and not to mention a bad digestion system, adrenals, thyroid, lymph, kidneys. I feel overwhelmed on where to start.

2:53:42 – Manny - I discovered you about a week a ago through a friend, and I am already feeling results from just 4 days of the fruit detox alone, so thank you for that. I would like to hear your thoughts on how to approach this condition that I have been dealing with. I've been having retinal degeneration problems due to the myopic length of my eyes. It's been negatively affecting my vision for about 7 years now

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jan on June 15, 2017

Hi Dr Morse, Thankyou for your videos. i have a question, don’t know if this is the right place to put it….but…in the UK where i live, we are told that a fever in a Baby can cause the brain to seizure! if a Baby does have ahigh temperature, what should one do? many thanks

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