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Q&A - 418 - Gout, Graves, Hashimoto's Disease, Crohn's, D3.

Jun 01, 2017 - 2 comments
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1:46 – Tracey – Article – Fruit Eating – Its Benefits and Problems

6:23 – The herb Buchu which is in your kidney 1 or 2 will trigger gout....

16:06 – Gary – do you have any Parkinson’s testimonials in your files there? I am over in West Palm beach and I’m trying to show my mother. My father again I’m taking the herbs which he was doing so well on...

26:14 – Codi - I have been doing about 70% raw 30% cut in got my kidneys filtering off Heal All tea alone! My husband too!

29:45 – Article – The composition of American lion (Panthera leo) milk collected a few days postpartum.

34:28 – Andreea – my son, he is six, was bit by a tick one week ago. I used melaleuca essential oil neat on spot. After a few days maybe three rash appeared…

41:09 – Peter - they keep telling my wife that her vitamin D3 is low and now just last week they told her she has graves and hashimoto…

46:54 – Dwayne - I have a question as it relates to my wife’s health. She has Crohn’s disease but is doing incredibly well. She’s 50 and experience cuts and her vaginal area, which as you can expect impedes sexual activity with me…

52:03 – Diana - been on all fruit, mainly juices, for two years plus herbs for adrenal, kidney, stomach an bowel and lymph. A blood test shows my B12 is 193, which is quite low…

53:08- Marisa - I have a question concerning Dr. Morse’s book. On page 216, he writes that will raw milk and yogurt are alkalizing and blueberries are acidic forming. This seems to contradict what he says about dairy and berries.

57:13 - when one is missing thyroid gland, as a full recovery back to health still possible? I was able to raise my ferritin levels 40 points by growing and juicing wheatgrass…

1:08:20 – Travis - I just wanted to send you guys some pictures of the filtration I have been seeing on the water fast. Last week I water fasting for 10 days and what you see in the picture started coming out I days 8 and 9…

1:21:25 - Hi sir I have been following your work since 3 months.I need your help.I am a student in india and around November i got to know that the sister of my sister's friend has stage 4 i began searching  and found dr.morse and before that i saw a lot of videos in which people were seeking help from india only

1:44:53 – Rabenaly -  I do not speak english but I need your advice to help my friend. She caught latent tuberculosis but the doctors said that her immune system is still strong, the irony of the fate is that he him dolipranes to take every 3h and her treatment is now 15 days. Unfortunately she had a fever for 2 days because of this treatment and that her faith is about to deteriorate little by little. Please dr. Morse help me to be able to help him. Thank you

1:51 I do not speak english but I need your advice to help my friend. She caught latent tuberculosis but the doctors said that her immune system is still strong, the irony of the fate is that he him dolipranes to take every 3h and her treatment is now 15 days. Unfortunately she had a fever for 2 days because of this treatment and that her faith is about to deteriorate little by little. Please dr. Morse help me to be able to help him. 

1:51:37 – Issa – I’ve come across the work recently and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’m on my 45th day of my juice fasting and recently I’ve started having symptoms that I believe it’s related to detox process. My mouth is full of ulcers that heal, but keep coming back…

1:56:34 – Paul - I’m currently on the journey to Wellville, I think I got a few thousand miles to go though, Ha! I’m a taxi driver and the both of my journeys are taking people to the local hospital and doctors. I didn’t a lot of conversations about their health/ diseases and how it can be cured with raw diet and herbs.

2:06:27 – Andrea - I am 22 with a 3 month old daughter which I am currently breastfeeding. Should I be concerned about eating a high fruit diet if my kidneys are not filtering?...

2:11:45 – Scout - I am a 50-year old woman. For 1 year I am 70% fruit/raw and vegan. Symptoms: B12 deficient; osteopina (more bone loss in last 2 years than ever before); presbyopia--eyesight diminishing (way more noticeable in the last year); uterine fibroids; HSV-1 and 2; and low hormone symptoms…

2:15:58 – Daniel - I'm Daniel C., 19-years-old and on a raw fruitarian diet for 3 months now. I have a lot of time on my hands to do anything for the next year. What can I do to achieve an out-of-body experience? Am I too young for it? Are there any lucid dreaming herbs and teas that trigger that experience? How can I do it with a raw fruit diet without taking LSD or psychedelics? Do I need to find a safe place away from family to have a safe experience?

Comments (2)

Nick on June 07, 2017

I think raw ripe blueberries are alkaline forming.Dr. Morse should run a test to see if the residue is mainly alkaline or acid after the body metabolizes the blueberries.

Nick on June 02, 2017

The one who said fruit is bad is a total idiot! There is nothing at all wrong with eating raw ripe fruit that is properly grown.It is alkalizing to all our cells.Also this idiot never healed anyone including his or herself.Dr. Morse helped over 100,000 people get well including me and I am getting healthier all the time.

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