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Q&A - 412 - Candida, Anxiety, Fruit Sensitivity, Geographical Tongue

Mar 23, 2017 - 1 comment
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02:41 – Felix - I have several medical conditions that I need advice on any need of help picking products that can help me with my condition. Diabetic, overweight, no sex drive, hair loss, low energy, fatigue…

26:36 – Olesya - I've been suffering from candida for several months now, over half a year for sure. It started I assume from allot of stress and antibiotics for strep throat. I eat a clean vegan diet. Have been for several years. At least 80% raw. Once I realized I developed candida I cut out all sugar including fruit. I have to say much symptoms improved but my stomach is always bloated and extended. I eat allot vegetables and greens and gluten free grains and nuts. I've been listening to your videos and decided to do a 100% fruit and berry diet. after 2 days my whole body became inflamed

42:39 – Tracy/Justin - I have been struggling with anxiety and losing weight.

58:17 – Levi - I have been mostly eating raw foods for almost 4 years however, I have a few tumors on my arm that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’m ready to go into a serious fast just get rid of these once and for all. I have developed teeth sensitivity to fruit…

1:09:45 – Dana - I have an eight-month-old and I sometimes give her fresh juice the Internet says it’s not idea because she is under a year old and her digestive tract isn’t developed yet. Whatever you say it’s okay because it’s fruit and sweet…

1:30:00 – Helen – With great love to Helen From Cotswold.

1:34:20 – Rasa - I was never smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs. Was vegetarian since sixteen ( now i am 29 ), eating quite healthy home made food, fresh fruit and veg from garden. Doing dry fasting every fortnight for 8 years, many other half day fasts, doing enemas, later become vegan, gluten free and juicing vegetables. Never using makeup or chemical cosmetics more then 10 years. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease when i was 21 and 22, getting antibiotics in both cases. Since then my health is getting worse and worse. I was managing in the beginning until having many serious troubles and being diagnosed with MS being 24 years old.

2:18:23 – Kayla - I am someone who suffers from geographical tongue. I am one of the rare ones who has extreme amounts of pain and have suffered with this pain for 13 + years now I've tried many things and spent a lot of time, money and effort on finding something and someone to help me with this pain and condition, however I am usually out of pocket and get told I'm a useless case. I have been informed that there is no cure for what I suffer from I've also had many people tell me that I shouldn't be in pain however that does not make the pain go away. I have turned to natural medicine and acupuncture which I've had the most relief from but again I am still in a lot of pain.  My tongue looks like a train wreck and I have a horrible taste in my mouth do you think you could help me or are there any tonics you have going for this at the moment . I'm happy to send you photos which I have attached a couple of photos to this email of how am I tell who has looked over the last 3 days.

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mary lucker on April 15, 2017

hae recently started to have fruit for breakfast only then have normal meals for lunch and evening, in the beginning i found it made me more regular which has disappeared as quick as it came i also find that fruit is not always available all the time ,what do we do then ?

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