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Q&A - 411 - Atrophied, Diabetes, Progressive Suprnucler Palsy, Phantom Pain

Mar 16, 2017 - 1 comment
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5:40 – Hillary – I am so glad to be able to seek your council. Advice please I’m caring for an individual who is severely atrophied. Suffers from spasms and swelling heavily medicated, really constipated, parents are very fearful that they will lose him they have fought so hard to get him home and out of rest home. He is 21 years old.

20:30 – Karalee – Lymphatic System article.

30:49 – Daniel – I am type one diabetic since age 4 and now I’m 26. Melon and herb are amazing but my slow insulin feels like I’m always going to need it. Any tip? My real question is for my brother he lost his right leg and a working accident last year. Phantom pain is driving him insane…

36:48 – Gina - My 52 year old aunt died today of calciflaxis and renal failure, secondary to diabetes. She chose not to eat differently due to the diabetes and not let it control her. Can you please share the process of this horrific disease and consequences of her life choices to help others.

47:40 – Kirsten - What are Dr. Morse’s thoughts on God’s flat Earth?

53:08 – Philip - I would like to know your opinion. I spinach Chinese Medizinbe the four head is called the heart area, is your experience with the face organ connection? I get pimples in stressful situations but just on the four head.

58:10 – Gayle – I have found out a friend has advanced PSP Progressive Suprnucler Palsy. Can you suggest anything?

1:09:53 – Sandi - How can someone with chronic gout in hands, feet and elbows (with small tophi) eat fruit when fructose causes flare ups? Within 30 minutes I'm in more pain than usual. From what I read those with gout are missing an enzyme which causes the uric acid issues. In my readings I have come across many who can't eat fructose and now some doctors think that is an even bigger problem than meat when it comes to gout. Meat doesn't cause me anywhere near as much pain as fruit, sugar, grains do. It doesn't seem like a fixable problem and I thought anything was fixable, until I feel hopeless concerning this condition. I have tried eating a lot of fruit with veggies and it's too painful.

1:17:46 – Yris – My upper body scan showed Interstitial Lung Disease and I would like to order product from your website.

1:23:26 - My brother was diagnose with colon and liver cancer – aggressive form. So far medical doctors are suggesting chemo as treatment for some reason no surgery. I was searching on line – and found immunotherapy clinic in Santa Barbara they also are using facility in Tijuana Mexico for treatment – from former patients testimony it looks very promising – but I just review some Dr. Marcola published on his website articles regarding immune therapy and found very discouraging  information – it can go out of control easily. I just bought 8 weeks of your herbal program for him to start him as soon as they are deliver – but I am afraid it will be not enough since this is aggressive form of cancer, what else can be done for him besides fruits, vegetables, and herbals

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Faye Beaton on April 12, 2017

Been diagnosed with ALS.

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