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Q&A - 402- Master Fast, Tongue Cancer, Leukemia

Feb 02, 2017 - 3 comments
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01:00 – “After last email when I asked about the masterfast system etc… I ended up trying it out for a week. Results…The ‘psyillium pudding’ has gotten out a lot of mucoid plaque which is great. The downside…the grape juice. I only had about a litre a day but after a week, this last weekend I’ve felt very crap, my energies have been very bad, due to detox maybe.”…

04:16 – Kim – “I had a biopsy on 28/12/16 which confirmed tongue cancer which has spread to one of my neck lymph nodes which they want to remove. Treatment is to cut away half of my tongue, skin graph from my arm which will then be placed on my tongue…”…

19:45 – Abubakar - My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in June 2015 and has been on chemotherapy  since July 2015 in London. I have watched some of your videos and other videos regarding effects of chemotherapy and the need to be natural. My family relocated to the U.K. For the treatment. Currently she is in the 3rd cycle of the maintenance therapy. Currently on dexamethazon for 1 week a month, gabapentine, methotrexate and mecaptapurin.(not sure of correct spellings of the drugs). She was just asked to stop monthly Vinchristine last week. Currently she has leg pains that keeps her up all night crying from pain for the past 4 nights.

38:32 – Lisa – “What is disembodied being, a shape shifter, and why do say “We’ve been visited and have been occupied for quite a while? In spite of Trumps bigotry, sexism, racism, bullying, materialistic focus, what is it about him that you and the many spiritual people that Hilda refers to, believe makes him a positive change for the world? What “type of species do you mean are leaving the planet in groves and why? What so you mean we’re working now on the “in-breath” of God?”...

Comments (3)

Jack Murphy on February 04, 2017

I checked this morning and I am filtering .
I’m not really that surprised . I have been on and of raw fruits ?, Especially Watermelons for years . I would naturally like to see more sedament in my uran. And will soon ,when I adjust and apply a more conscious effort to The protocol . I Realize I am fortunate that I haven’t had to go to A AMA Doctor for any aparant DIS – Ease . In the past I’v Followed Paul Braggs advice , Dr.Norman Walker, dr. Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte , Who I actually met , along with some off her cured incuables . Jay Kordich was also very influential for me on my path . I have boxes of books and charts From Dr. Bernard Jensen from Escondido California from the hidden Valley health ranch. Dr. Jensen’s material I purchased in 1994 while attending IRIDOLAGY classes 1&2 in Poughkeepsie New York with Dr. Donald V Beaudine . I’ve also got some pretty cool books on herbs from the late 1800s that I got from antique stores over the years . Pretty cool stuff !!! And became familiar with natures pure body program to cleanse and detox an herbal colan & whole body herbal detox that I sold back in the late 90s .my point is this , we now see a whole new generation of healers , it’s people like Steve Factor and Dan McDonald not to Forget Dr. Morse of course and his great team ,Marcy, Drew , Attila, Hildy and now Patty. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars , over the years on books and materials , all very well Spent . And now all this information is FREE on YouTube , and for only $10 we can be members of Dr. Morses herbal health club with all its benefits. This is so unbelievably awesome . I never really understood until now while watching Dr. Morses videos on the lymphatic system and the kidneys function in Alcanisation of my interstitial fluids . Thank you Dr. Morse . That was the one tool missing from my toolbelt . It all makes sense now . ???? So there you have it . Now at 58 yrs old 2/24/59 I feel so empowered and confident . Over the past 30 years I may have helped a few people to help themselves not as many as I would’ve liked . Now it’s me time . Thank you to Dr. Morse and your team I have the knowledge and confidence to dive in . I love all you guys and gals . ? . Jack from Bean Town

Jack from Beantown on February 03, 2017
Great video Q & A 402 Feb 02 2017 ? I really enjoy your videos especially when you talk about spiritual growth . My own experience with grounding while juicing fruits 25 years ago was pretty intense . And I suppose I knew at the time , I shouldn’t break a 10 day juice fast with a big piece of chocolate cake . But I’ve learned a few things since then . The reason for my communication today is the condition of my sister-in-law who has been quadriplegic since 1973 with Guillain-Barré Syndrome . Michelle has use of her right arm to some degree and is able to vocalize minimally . She can’t put words together. But as her right arm can go up and down , we can communicate by asking her questions Up is yes and down is no , with her arm . Michelle’s family have taken such good care of her she has never had a bedsore and is a vibrant lively happy soul. Have you or do you know anybody who has had experience with .Guillain-Barré . My ame is to at The very least for her to be able to vocalize better .
Elide (Eli-day) on February 03, 2017

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I did your protocol last October after listening to your videos and being in contact with your Clinic..I was working through that mystery disease they call Lyme (20 years) for the past three years I have had challenges chronically, hard to walk, think, see, hair was falling out by the handful, teeth were a mess everything was so inflamed I was no longer able to digest or assimilate food (never eatmeat or grain or starch, eat always organic veg and fruit) I weighed 87 pounds was weak as a kitten no killer white cells to help me battle anyhthing could hardly move think or function or see well, I tried a light protocol cost a little more than I am able to afford but I trusted in the Universe and went for it.
I immediately started a huge detox with herx everywhere for ifive weeks I was in bed ( facing this alone sadly thank goodness for my Kitter’s) I had walking pneumonia along with bronchial and ear infections mucus coming from everywhere with red little oozing spots all over my was agonizing. I refused to take any chemicals or go to this Bermuda Hospital (it almost killed me during an emergency two years ago) and was convinced that this was a well needed purge so I kept going praying and praying for the pain to settle was in horrific pain and really felt as if I was coming to the end of this earth walk, I cried myself to sleep every night and prayed to my papa in heaven and my Angels
The Universe had other plans, just before Christmas I was able to digest and keep certain organic fruits and veggies in my system for longer than an hour…I doubled up on fruits (have to eat them as smoothies every morning) when we were able to get organic grapes her last year I popped them like candy every day for almost one month everything all of a sudden after three years of 24/7 excruitiating pain something within me clicked and started working and moving o well.
I still had pain in my lower legs and lower spine still I keep going when I am able I take myself to the sea and walk even if it hurts as it helps my lymphatic she move
I was giving a BIOMAT kindly as a gift at Christmas and started using it again every day.
I went from 87 pounds last August to yesterday 124 pounds! I have not weighed this much for three years.
I was lying on my BioMat yesterday in tears sending prayers and thanks to you ?❤? For helping to get me sliding upwards this huge painful tsunami wave
What should I embrace now that I have my gut working again I still have the lower back pain and sometimes the lower part of my legs I am no longer able to read books as that hurts my eyes I am sure this too can be cured. What would be best to start working through this as I truly want to get past these years of pain I will be 60 in two weeks and want this to be and believe it can be one of the best years since I turned 50
A pain free day would be lik be given all the stars in the the Universal sky it would be heaven
Thank you for getting me on the upward slope
You are an Angel ???
With love and gratitude and many blessings from little Bermuda
I still have a lot more to get through as my lower back ( I had a neck replacement in my late 30’s) which I know are my kidneys (they were born week it seems) p,us with an underdeveloped small intestine it food has always been a challenge, I am facing this alone and self treating as welll as I can Bermuda is not the easiest place to be when one is trying to get better.

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