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Q&A - 400 - Master Fast Programs, Eczema, Lip Discoloration, Misophonia

Jan 30, 2017 - 3 comments
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3:43 – Jure – What are your thoughts on the “Master Fast” Program by Gino Di Serio. As I understand, it is a combination of pasteurized grape juice mixed with lemon juice fasting with herbs and some days of dry fasting, a lot is based on your work.

12:34 – Beatrice – You helped my daughter Ocean. Her eczema is now only on arms and legs and going though the waves you were talking about. There is a purple colour to her skin and yellow sticky stuff coming out of sore spots.

19:24 – Teresa – I have a questions regarding discoloration of my lips. 2 years of having problems initially with my bottom lip chapping and then peeling and would use natural base lip balms. Now I have a dark line that with pink acid looking discoloration towards the inside of my lip. I have been eating fruits 10% cook with your kit. Any advice to help?

26:55 – Miguel – I’m a 46yr old and Level 1 graduate who just started filtering after 11 months in kidney, adrenals, and other protocols. Now one area that hasn’t changed for me yet, however, is I still notice that I get brain fogged when outdoors in the heat while in the shade. However, when sunlight hits me directly, I feel a bit more awake just as if I were indoors with the AC.

33:50 – Katrina – I have diagnosed as Misophonia, an emotional reaction to sound. Have had it since I was about 10 years old and it has a very negative impact on my life.

40:17 – Andre – I am a 24 year old male living in Melbourne, Australia. I am studying nursing and I am considering studying natural medicine instead, as I am increasingly getting turned off western medicine from what I am learning. Are there any areas of nursing that you recommend?

Comments (3)

Johanne on March 09, 2017

Dear Dr. Morse, I appreciate your caring and giving to/for others. I am learning so much from your videos on healing and how to help others. Thank you for all you do . I have been interested in health and healing close to 80 years and many think I’m way out there. I used to go with my grandmother to gather wild plant for food and medicine. She was an herbalist and midwife who I thought walked on water. I also appreciate your spirituality as I’m spiritual also. Blessings to you, and thank you again. Johanne Cooper

Nick on January 31, 2017

Raw is always best over cooked or pasteurized food(especially fruit) .Why would you take something that has energy and life giving properties and cook it dead so it has nothing to give except harm? No living creature on this planet is designed to eat cooked food(even humans). Cooked food causes acidosis in all cells. I personally think it is a tragedy to cook fruit.Always eat fruit raw and of course ripe.The same goes for fruit juices.Juice raw ripe fruit yourself because all bottled fruit juices are pasteurized(cooked).

Sammy on January 31, 2017

Hello Dr. Morse. We LOVE your videos! What is your view on cataracts? Can we get rid of them WITHOUT surgery? And how long does it take?

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