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Q&A - 379 - Not Filtering, Antibiotics, Spleen, Acne, Candida

Oct 11, 2016 - 1 comment
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2:31 – Daniel - Hey I appericiate youre work so so much!, im an eurasian fruitarian, and as you know most of asian will think they have "healthy " cusine, even though most of them were tons of nonsense, as in Chinese medical theory as, Theyll be OH you shouldnt consume fruit its too cold and acid, youll get even more illness and dirrahea, here have some bone soup like seriously? and the sodium..but anyway the concept of their detox was nonsense; whats ur thoughts on konjac noodle, apple flour?

13:43 – Manca - have finished the 14 week detox kit 2 months ago, have stayed mostly on fruits (some cooked vegetables), but am still not filtering !!! My urine is still crystal clear. Am getting really  concerned as I have run out of money to get more herbs. My iris shows many nerve rings so ... I also have severe under eye bags and lower back pain. Please help, I have no idea how to get the kidneys going. Haven't tried a dry fast yet. Do you think it wise to try that?

25:16 – Gina - Hey doc! I'm Gina and after multiple rounds of antibiotics, I've ended up with digestive issues, I've switched from a vegan diet, into a paleo diet with more protein, less fruits cause they bloat me terrible and gave me fatigue, I think I don't digest well frcutose. Also, after being on candida diet, I've lost weight *1,73/68 inch,95 pounds and my digestion is poor. I have Candida and bacteria imbalances, also parasites I guess. I also don't have menstruation and my bilirubin high.

41:53 - I cannot get much organic fruits where I lived.  I want to start a grape fast until I get on the 14 day program which I am going to get.  Is there a place that you can recommend and if not what is my next option.

46:19 – Amanda - I did a raw food diet a while back and my spleen became under active..I need to improve my health again, so want to follow your suggestion of raw food diet. Can you explain how and why my spleen became under active? My naturopath said to eat more cooked warm foods, but that would not sit well with you.

51:35 – Nora - I'd like to know about brown scarring of older acne. They seem to stay on my back for long periods of time. I have been a very high raw fruits and veggies consumer for about 4 years now. But I used to have a lot of breakouts/acne on my back and face but more so on my back and it seems like the old brown stains wont come off…

1:07:40 – Jack - I am 17 years old, I was born with barely visible spots of eczema which have now become very severe from head to toe. Some spots are weepy, dry, scaly, crusty, and the itching is horrible. I have tried numerous treatments from "regular" doctors, one being light therapy. I quit going because if anything it made me way worse...

1:28:21 – Monica - I have a question others may be curious about too...what is the chemistry, physics and energy behind an orgasm and does it help or hinder Detoxification on ANY LEVEL? Furthermore, do people require a partner or any particular gender to create a "closed circuit," or is that also just a Bogus myth? I read in the Eastern Tradition that withholding Orgasm preserves the Life Force which can be channeled and utilised for other body processes

1:34:58 – Sue - Thank you for your informative you tube videos. I feel I should buy your heal everything tea but am writing to check that this is what you would recommend. My husband has penile pain and throbbing ever since his resection of prostate operation 3 years.  His bladder was very sore and red when we saw it on the screen a couple of years ago for urine retention. He does not have retention now but the penis is sore especially when he passes water. We were told his bladder is enlarged.

1:41:23 – Elide I am struggling with Lyme, Chronic Candida, Herpetic eruptions ect, for over 20 yrs misdiagnosed for 12yrs now it's Chronic for past three years. Was introduced to you by Dana Walsh have been watching your videos daily. I live in Bermuda and am unable to travel due to my present confition. Feel lmy body is crumbling, body pain is between  4/10 - 10/10 daily I never know what I will wake up to

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Jack on October 19, 2016

Hello Dr. Morse . I’m called Jack, AWSOME VIDIOS. ? The movie Fantastic Voyage comes to mind , when I recall an exsperiance I had while Meditating . Have you herd of inner body exsperiance ,were an individual sees his internal organs ,in his minds eye. It happend to me , why’l chanting OM & doing pranayama . I saw my HEART ❤️ , LUNGS & exsperianced an overwhelming fealing of peace & LOVE . Have you ever herd of this before. THANCK you &. I’m very happy to be a new member of your herbal health club .

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