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Q&A - 377 - Avascular Necrosis, Lyme Disease, Constipation, Skin Issues

Sep 07, 2016 - 0 comments
0:35 – Sim – Dr. Morse responds to letter.

09:35 – Joy – The infection I had was almost assuredly fungal in nature. (it started with a wart that came up on my nose).

16:14 – Sameer - It gives me immense immense pleasure to write to dr.morse. I saw his video once and been a super duper fan ever since its just been a week or so that i have been following him. i am so happy and i am sure god almighty worked his magic out and got me watch dr.morse's video. I can write day in and day out about dr.robert morse but i know he has millions mails to answer. i am suffering from avascular necrosis of hip(both hips involved left 50% and right 20%) can i reverse this? much love from india

23:25 – Paul - I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and have tried to follow my naturopath's protocol but always have bad reactions to it. I feel dizzy, get terrible headaches, stomach aches, joint pain, fatigue and feel like my brain and body is inflamed. Do you think you can help me? what do you think I should do?
If would be kind enough to reply I would very much appreciate it.

32:14 – Jacob - Ive been having problems with constipation (mild) at night, abdominal pains shifting throughout my upper and bottom torso and back (squeezing in back), losing hair more often, dry skin especially on hands and feet, swollen thyroid (goiter), was exposed to mild radiation after a few hospital visits and a cat scan, previously had a x-ray done maybe a couple months prior. Not sure if theres anything I can do to fix this issue.. Caffeine seems to irritate my GI tract as well

42:13 – Seth – I’m a 26 yr old male. I briefly (2 months) started eating a junk food vegan diet 5 years ago ad have since been very sick…

57:01 – Debora - Hi Dr Morse. My name is Debora, and I'm 30 years old. I'm vegan for 2 1/2 years but raw for last month . Since starting eating raw I feel extremely cold, to the point my finger nails and lips turn to a blue/purple color. I'm trying to have a baby for a while, and went to a specialist. After several tests they found a polyp in my uterus and that I have insulin resistance and put me on Metformin. I also have acne since age 14, irregular menstrual cycle, stomach and digestive issues

1:06:47 – Age – I have had a skin issue now for more than a year. It’s red spots which start to spread and then settles and comes back and gets dry and flaky.

1:14:58 – Krissy – I’ve been dealing with what I think to be a blocked oil gland on top of my eyelid. Conventional docs call it a Chalazion

1:26:12 – Karen - My question is regarding a condition my mother has on both of her arms down to her wrist what she calls fatty tumors. Even though she is fine with her doctor's opinion that these are not harmful and nothing needs to be done.  I would prefer to avoid such a condition through nutrition if this is hereditary.    Are these common and is it true that they are nothing to make a big deal about?  I was hoping you might suggest lots of grapes or something that might address this condition.

1:29:45 - I just wanted to start by saying that Dr. Morse you are a light in this world and I can't wait to take your detoxification course to help all my friends and family. I thank God there is someone like you in this world. My question is on my little brother. He is now 20. He had had a "developmental delay" since he was born. Now it's at the point he is so suicidal and depressed because he can't take care of himself/do anything. Can this be healed with detoxification? I would love to guide him

1:33:40 – Gulee - I'd appreciate if you could advice us with the following problem. My sister (29) is expecting a baby, but she has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B. What can she do in this situation? Do you think detox during pregnancy and breastfeeding period is safe for mother and child?

1:39:31 – Leanne - I'm am eternally grateful for the knowledge you so generously share. Since finding you my husband & I have been 90% fruit for about 16months. I've had an accident & severely damaged my knee. I'm Advised to have a donor ligament & cartilage scraped. I'm 52 & have a physical job so rapid recovery is optimal. Surgery requires general anesthetic I'm very concerned about this. Would an epidural be less damaging? Also what are your views on donor tissue?

1:47:14 – Peter - Hi, hoping you can help.I had a serious brain injury several years ago which left me quadriplegic and unable to talk for over a year.Long story short, even though I still deal with the effects of my injury (still use a wheelchair),I've beat the odds and have made a miraculous recovery.The injury has affected the white matter of my brain (Leukoencephalopathy),and the effects of that are mainly my motor functions and balance. I'm fairly healthy and just want to regenerate & recover what I can

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