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Q&A - 376 - Cold Urticarial, Multi Nodular Goiter, Pet Food, Energy

Aug 23, 2016 - 3 comments
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00:19 – Rose – “Goal Completed” Today is day 65 of grapes only!

10:26 – Rick – I suffer from what seems to be cold urticarial. Whenever I go out in winter I get hives-like redness on my face forehead and cheekbones beneath the eye. Could you tell me whats the culprit of this? Also I do have some urinary issues: Urinary flow is weakend and sometimes split urinary stream.

18:05 – April - Hello dear one. I have a different question than you usually get. I would like to know if you have a suggestion for what a person that wants to work in your field, what type of degree should we go after? I was thinking biology major or health and wellness maybe? or Alternative medicine? I need to know where to take my education. Of course, I would also get regenerative detox certified. Please help. I dont wanna waste time or more money. I have the first 2 years of college done

35:47 – Michael - I am a 54-year-old male with Multi Nodular Goiter and one or two of them sits on the trachea . I have 7 Nodules with biggest at 6 Centimeter by 4 Centimeters. All my Thyroid lab tests are normal. What can I do to shrink the nodules naturally? Any detox plan? Diet plan and exercises to help? 

39:34 – Hello, can you explain why people have different eye colors like the left blue and the right green hazel.

45:36 – Deborah – Can you talk about keeping our dogs healthy? I’m tired of feeding them processed foods.

51:04 – This is about Ying & Yang health.

54:16 – Mike – Struggling with energy. My body is not keeping my magnesium levels managed correctly.

59:26 – Melanie - My questions are about detoxing & regenerating my son, Lucious. I get a lot of disheartening slack about my son not having enough protein because he is quite thin now and constantly hungry and growing like a weed, but was a chunk of a baby. He doesn't have much muscle mass which I have been trying to improve, to no avail, with adequate amino acids via chia, hemp, and green powders on top of as much fruit as possible staying away from acidic proteins always but has a few beans here and there cuz of family outings. But all the constant protein pushing has got me loosing confidence after almost three years of trying to detox his lymph nodes on his head, via mostly by diet, that started to swell since he was three months old behind his left ear now all over the back of and left and right sides his head. Not hard hard sill a lil squishy. Our ND said it was most likely fat, and he would grow out of it but instead there are more specifically in the areas where the occipital and mastoid group are.

1:43:06 – Tamra - Is it okay to put my Husky, Koda. on adrenal Glandulars for that, or no? Is it common to go from Hypo-thyroids to having Cushings? MY SECOND QUESTION: A month after my husky at a sock, my other dog, Osa,  who is a malamute/wolf hybrid got diagnosed with bone cancer in her rear /ankle hock area after 4 months struggling with a limp that was not improving with rehab. She has been on herbs for two months but due to the pain and aggressiveness of this cancer, I felt forced to amputate.  I hope this wasn't the wrong decision as I just wanted to alleviate the pain. I am devastated that I had put her "under" twice and expose her to the toxins from drugs, antibiotics and radiation. They also did a bone biopsy the week before that. So I'm sure her poor body is very over- loaded.

Comments (3)

Maya on September 01, 2016

I want to apploud Rose for great job on her detox. I would also like to get in contact with her if possible. I do have a scoliosis that I developed in puberty, and now in my 30ies it starts to cause me some problems. Rose I would like you to share your journey with me if you don’t mind, and to know the protocol you were on and so. I honestly did not think it was possible to fix scoliosis. Please email me at Best regards to all.

John Wilkenson on August 28, 2016

Dear Dr. Morse,
Would you please do a video about how to proceed to Wellville after a quadruple bypass operation. I unwittingly let myself get to the trauma point of 100% blockages in some of the heart’s arteries.
How do you get to Wellville from where I am at?
I am seriously ready to change my “stinking little lifestyle”.
John Wilkenson
Grand Junction, CO.

Nick on August 24, 2016

What is even more amazing than Rose eating only grapes for 65 days is that she was actually able to find good ripe sweet grapes for that long because most times grapes around here(in the stores in NJ,USA) are sour(just awful).

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