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Q&A - 375 - Sinus Infections, Rhinoplasty, Removed Gallbladder, Skin Problems

Aug 23, 2016 - 1 comment
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07:56 – Kurt – “You are phenomenal and have become a personal hero of mine. Love the youtube videos! I've changed my diet about 3 months ago; switched to: fruit in the morning, and green salad for lunch. Given up on dairy & grains. Very difficult however to go all raw -mainly because of social pressure ("don't you want to enjoy life a little?" is what I hear a lot); so at night I go with the flow and eat whatever. Question: what herbs do I best weave into that "credit/debit diet" of mine? Thanks!”

23:06 – Amy – “You are such a gift to the world!! I am a 35yr old woman. I developed sinus infections and was put on 5 rounds of antibiotics in 7 months. I now can't without pain or bloating. I have spina bifida occulta, mild gastroparesis, pernicious anemia, low TSH/SIBO and yeast. Surgery for Endometriosis made me better and then worse.  I have been diagnosed with Lyme, adrenal problems and my right arm gets numb. I get dizzy, have blurry vision and swelling under my eyes and in face. Please help!”

35:33 – Craig – “I need your help. Feeling like I'm at the end of my road. Had Rhinoplasty, turbinates were resected at time of surgery.Turbinates never heald properly, the organ of my nose is not functioning. No mucous, chronic dryness, dry red eyes, chronic rash on my nose, nerve damage cannot sense air through my nose and dmged autonomic nervous system : weak digestion, fast heart beat, light headedness (all post surgery). I'm eating 100% orgnic raw vegan. Im 14 months postop.How do I save my life?”

43:32 – “Over 10 years ago I had my gallbladder removed it was not working anymore. I always had a sensitive stomach but since then it has gotten worse over the years where everything goes through me and I’m wondering which of your products to take otherwise I’m taking Imodium”…

1:10:32 – Esther –“ My ray of sunshine, so happy that i found you! I'm 46 (glutenfree vegan) and since young age i suffer from a skin problem called "granuloma annulare".  These ugly ringforming red spots spread on my feet, legs or ellbows and stay for about 3 years before they ev. dissapear and new ones come. I use Vit. E Oil from my dermatologist with little success. I refused pills, cortison creme and UVA Treatment. Would detox help me and can i find all infos in your book? Thanks and love from Switzerland;)”

1:21:22 – Kate – “I am a ISOD level 1 practitioner.  I am also a registered nurse.  I share your message of love, vitality and healing with all my patients in the hospital and my clients in my detox holistic healing practice.  I am interested in opening a detoxification healing center. I heard you say in a previous video that you know someone who is setting these clinics up and I want to get in on this!  Thank you for sharing the TRUTH with the world, I love you so much! XXOO”

1:24:15 – “I have been a raw foodist mostly for about 8 years. My health concerns were not going completely away. I stumbled across your youtube videos and I must say that I really feel your information is the missing link that will fill all the holes that were open. I have even gotten my husband and children on board and we are now eating fruits, berries, and melons. It is so amazing to see the children temperament and attitudes change”…

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dawn Locke on April 10, 2017

heart breaking some of thease cases.. Hate to know people are so fear full and scared.. ??

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