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Q&A - 398 - Raw Food & Cancer, Scalp Acne, Hairloss & Skin Issues, HSV1

Jan 19, 2017 - 2 comments
05:19 – Kristen – I was talking to a friend scientist and telling her that a raw food diet can help cure cancer and this was her response. And that definitely helps! Until your cancer down regulates HLA surface maker the immune system uses to recognize your cell vs invaders and upregulates PD-L1 and CTA4 used to “hide” from you immune system. It’s a tricky balance because cancer is derived from your own cells, and your immune system is programmed not to attack yourself…

20:59 – Allen – I’m a 25 year old male and I’ve been dealing with acne for 10 years and 3 years with scalp acne for now. I would like to get some advice about scalp acne even though I have acne on my chest and face…

31:14 – Niki 7 Constantinos - My wife and i we are vegans for about 4 years.. we are 31 years old each..  we are now trying to find better diet an quit all this bad foods that causing as bloadings, hair loss and some skin issues.. you said that tha best diet is all day fruits and tha night a big salad... ok this sounds very good... what about omega 3-6-9, iodine, b12? do we need supplemets? We have a baby.. he is now 15months.. we dont give him any dairy, eggs or animals.. what is the best diet for him? we give him for breakfast and for dinner oats or buckwheat with chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, carob powder, banana, for lunch lentils with vegetables, brown rice with vegatables...

47:50 – Stephanie - I am Stephanie Sonia, a woman who has been on this planet for 23 years... but don’t be mislead by my age here I am writing to you today, to express to you how much you and your educational videos resonate with me. The way you teach spirituality, the human body, and this planet rings the most healing harmony to me, as these are topics I have been exploring and wanting to learn more of- yet can never find a teacher who words it in such ways that my soul can understand. I truthfully cannot get enough of your videos, having found you on youtube a year and a half ago, and watching you nearly daily (sometimes 3-5 videos per day). I am even reading your book and following it with my college anatomy and physiology book from 3 years ago.

1:02:12 - Hi Dr. Morse, First of all, thank you for all that you do. I am hopeful that your guidance will allow me to rid my body of ailments. I contracted HSV1 from an assault about 4 years ago and to say that it has immensely lessened my quality of life would be an understatement. I have had nearly constant outbreaks since I contracted the virus, and always seem to have some irritation even when I stay away from trigger foods. I have always subscribed to the thinking that everything can be cured, but you have been my first ounce of hope within a very dark place. So, thank you. I am writing to ask a few questions. 1 - I am currently on the 6th week of the 14 week protocol and have been on a raw diet (although I have slipped up on occasion, I admit) of mostly fruit and fruit juice, with the occasional salad. I have noticed though that I have undigested food in my stool at times (even watermelon) and am not sure how to fix this. I take my herbs 3 times daily at the recommended dose. What can I do to improve this?...

1:16:38 – Ryan - I love what you are doing for us all.  I am 49 years young.  For the first 23 years of my life I ate lots of animal based food with starches, cooked veggies, salad and fruit. Before I became lactose intolerant at the age of 19, I loved my dairy with every meal.    For the second 23 years of my life I the only animal product I ate were eggs.  At the age of 46 I changed to an all raw vegan diet.  Then this summer I found you on YouTube and watched many hours of your videos.  All of what you said about our diet and health totally makes sense to me.  

1:28:57 – Lisa - I was on a  facebook forum and someone left a video of yours in the comment section which led me to you.  That was the best day of my life.  To see that I have been living in the false world of diseases and no hope but possible remission.  Then you uncovered this realm and gave me hope and excitement. I thank you for that. So I have low thyroid or hashimotos and was diagnosed like 4 years ago.  The last few weeks I have increased my intake of grapes fruits and melons.  I noticed that my bladder felt so much better when I ate just fruit. I would immediately go poop after eating the fruit.  It would be very watery too. When I would try protein I felt that bladder pain again.

Comments (2)

Donna on February 14, 2017

I love this way you have w/ the people’s comments & the minutes these issues can be found. It’s a great help! I’m new so maybe this has been going on for awhile thru the email notices. Thank you.

Nick on January 20, 2017

These so called scientists(more like junk scientists)who are so caught up in markers and complicated theories are doing harm to people who believe them and are trying to get well.Dr. Morse is so knowledgeable and helped so many people(including me) that everybody should know of his teachings.These junk scientists and the typical medical profession try to get people to believe that diseases (no such thing it is just acidosis) are some evil identity that infects people all of which is total bunk.

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