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Level One Alumni: Join Us for Level Two In October!

Apr 24, 2017 - 1 comment

Level One Alumni:  Come Join Us at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda, Florida 

October 16 through 19, 2017 

Space is Limited, Reserve Your Spot Today!
Level I Certification is Required and WILL be Verified 

In Level One we learned that the body is the healer, and that energy is at the core of true healing.  We unlocked the “mystery” of disease and learned the importance of consuming proper chemistry and supercharging detoxification and regeneration with tissue specific herbal formulas.  Prepare to go farther, learning the highest order of healing and how to become a true healer on every level!

Now that you have completed Level One, take a journey into Iridology and Regenerative Detoxification!  Learn the basics of Iridology, the ONLY way to assess the soft tissues of the body.  Complete in-depth workshops on Regenerative Detoxification for advanced degenerative cases, mapping the iris to identify areas of weakness, and using that knowledge to prepare herbal protocols that will help achieve TRUE healing. Join Level Two Alumni as they bring you into the experience of successful clinical practice and jumpstart your own Detoxification Specialist practice, propelling you into becoming a thriving entrepreneur!

  • Deepen Your Knowledge of Causative Factors, and Use it to Cure, NOT Treat!
  • Advanced Regenerative Detoxification with Chronic and/or Severe Degenerative Cases
  • Effectively Using Diet and Herbal Protocols with Chronic and/or Degenerative Cases
  • Iridology: Learn What It Is and How to Make It Your Greatest Tool for Assessment
  • Iris Mapping
  • Using the Iris to Formulate Powerful Diet and Herbal Protocols
  • Learn Practical and Efficient Methods of Setting Up Your Business Office from Level Two Alumni and Begin Monetizing Right Away
  • Enjoy Fun and Informative Break-Out Workshops

As a Level One Alumni, you are an active participant in a unified force in a new, 21st-Century industry of wellness education, regenerative detoxification, and co-empowerment.  As a graduate/alumni of the International School of Detoxification, an open door stands in front of you to be among those of us in this movement activated by Robert Morse, ND. 

Cost of Course:

$795 Standard Tuition  (Level One Certification Required)

$650 Returning Level Two Alumni (Must be Level Two Certified)

Level One Certification is required to register for this event, and certification will be verified.  If we are unable to verify Level One certification, registration will be cancelled and all fees paid will be refunded without notice.  A $35 service fee will be assessed for cancellation charges.  To register visit the Education Page of our Website and scroll down to the 2017 Level Two Live Intensive.

Note:  The Class Listing on the Education Page will not be visible if you are not Level One Certified.

Registration requires a $250 deposit, which is non-refundable.  The balance of tuition price may be paid any time prior to the start of class (you will be sent instructions for paying the balance after you register).  Alumni/Returning Students:  Please pay only the deposit amount to register, and contact Shannon for instructions on paying the balance.  If a cancellation occurs prior to September 25, 2017 you will be afforded a credit towards an herb order or any of our clinic services.  Cancellations after September 25 will not be eligible for credit or refund of any kind.

Course Includes:

  • 4 day intensive training and workshops by Dr. Robert Morse and Level Two Alumni from the Association of Regenerative Detoxification International (ARDI), 9 am to 4:30 pm daily
  • Iridology Simplified by Dr. Bernard Jensen
  • Iris Chart
  • Case Materials for Protocol Workshops
  • Fresh Fruit Provided by ARDI During Breaks and Lunches
  • Fireside Chats with Clinic Counselors
  • Morning Meditation and Movement (optional)

Tuition does not include transportation, evening meals or accommodations.  Iris photos and Iridology Reports will be available, additional charges will apply.  


Rooms are available at the Four Points Sheraton in Punta Gorda for $109 per night (queen) or $119 per night (king).  Enjoy the pool, gym, tiki bar and free bike rentals, all just a three minute walk to the Event Center.  Call (941) 637-6770 and ask for the front desk/On Property Reservations to book your room(s).

Other nearby hotels include the Wyvern Inn and the Punta Gorda Waterfront.  Inquire with each for rates and availability.

Nearest Airports:

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW):  45 minutes/42 miles.  Shuttles may be available from the Four Points Sheraton, inquire when booking accommodations.

Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport (SRQ):  1 hour 10 minutes/60 miles.  No shuttle service or public transportation available to hotel, rental car will be required.

Tampa International Airport (TPA):  1 hour 45 minutes/110 miles.  No shuttle service or public transportation available to hotel, rental car will be required.

Comments (1)

Irwin Shlafman on April 25, 2017
Hello I am presently one year into my course in Montreal with Christian Limoge at clinic L’Aube I am working towards my N.D. the course is three years and then we will write a thesis.

I am very interested to attend Dr. Morse’s level one course, so that I can then attend his level two course.
please advise when the next level one will be or if perhaps my studies here in Montreal would be considered as level one.
I have been following Dr. Morse quite closely and the teachings in the course I am attending with Christian Limoge follow closely Dr. Morse’s perspective and point of view.
I myself am a veteran of the 14 week detox and have been using herbal tinctures consistently and eat A 90% fruit and vegetable diet for the last couple of years.
So be well have a great day I look forward to your response sincerely Irwin Shlafman

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