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Q&A - 351- Cellulitis, Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines, Healing Crisis

Feb 29, 2016 - 3 comments

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Ryan – “I contact you regarding my uncle who's health has started to deteriorate the last few years. He's 56 years of age and has spent a lifetime on acids, mainly the SAD western diet and a big alcohol drinker, mainly lager/beer etc. Two years ago, he had what was 1st suspected to be cellulitis in his right leg whilst on holiday in Thailand. After flying home he was told he had DVT and was given medication. One year later he is back on holiday in Thailand where he spends most of his time drinking beer and eating acid foods. He was admitted to Hospital after collapsing, he had extreme low oxygen and after a chest x-ray was told he'd previously had a minor heart attack that he apparently didnt know about.”…

“Creation and Duality”

Adrienne – “why don't you contact Oprah to speak of Gods Herbs”

 Turquoise - “Do you believe that past use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines 'blocks' us on an etheric level as well as causes physical toxicity? Does using herbs & raw fruit diet detox these etheric & energetic blocks as well as detox us physically & emotionally? I believeclassical homeopathy (tautopathy) can detox these pharmaceutical energetic blocks, but with this method each drug/vaccine is detoxed individually which can take years! Hoping to heal on ALL levels :) Value your insight.”

God Worlds

BosRedSox – “I'm a 27 year old active male who is currently detoxing. Went a little crazy on the berries today! My question is regarding premature ejaculation. Everything else in this area appears to be healthy! I've heard you speak of the mind being a "computer" which is "programmed" and can be reprogrammed? It's something I have struggled with all of my adult life. I'm unsure if it's mental, physical, genetics, adrenals, nerves or what!?”

Heather - I was fine then last October I started feeling really I was deying went to doc a few and all labs came back normal besides one doc says I have ebv and that could be causing my symptoms of chronic sore throat..fatigue.. Brain appetite ..feels like pressure in my temples. And hard lymp node on right side of neck.have psorasis and got psoratic autritist BC of it and the doc says there's nothing he can do I started taking ur adrenal.kidney& lymp any others I need to take?

“Mimi – How do you tell the difference between a healing crisis and just feeling like crap from detoxing?”...

Julie - A few years ago I was diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube (also called Tuba aperta). this means my eustachian tube is open most of the time, which leads to hearing myself talk and breathe constantly, I can hear the tube close and open. its really bad during the winter months. Is there anything I can do about this? a doctor gave me a cortisone nose spray but that gave me several nosebleeds a day so I stopped using it.

Jenn – “I was born with very dark brown eyes, but in my early 20’s, the area closest to my pupil dramatically lightened. I am wondering if you could give me some insight s to why caused this.”…

Luke – “My friend has brain damage to her frontal, parietal & temporal lobes, back problem in her lower back, up her spine & her neck & shoulders. She gets pain in her knees, she has chronic migraines every day, she says she feels the migraine in her right eye specifically, says she always has a migraine or headache. She's diagnosed with ADHD, BPD, PTSD, Depression, Social Anxiety, Schizoid PD, Depersonalization Disorder & anorexia. She takes Apo-Gabapentin & Prozac for headaches & anxiety. What to do?”

Sharon – “Love your videos, but your information on the number of cells in the human body is out of date.”…

Alexander – “I've had asthma for 6 years. I'm on week 4 of fruits and herbs. Making progress. I'm at the point where I can either take one puff of corticosteroid (Dulera) daily plus a few minutes on an Albuterol nebulizer as needed. Or I can take 6 to 10 Albuterol inhalers per day. I know they both damage me in different ways, but what would you recommend I do? I'm currently doing the one steroid puff so that I don't suppress mucus into my lungs so much with the albuterol inhalers.”

Kelli – “Upon waking this morning, I was telling my 4 yr old that he is so smart due to eating all the fruits he does that he can be anything he wants to be when he grows up but it would be great if he could do something where he's helping people and he directly said.... I can be just like Dr. Morse!  Awwweee!!  My question is, he has lost most of his 2 front teeth due to sucking at night.  He never used a pacifier or bottle at night. Could it be low adrenals/nervous system going haywire while sleeping?”

Comments (3)

Nick on March 28, 2016

So what is the difference between a healing crisis and detoxification? Dr. Morse did not answer her question. Did he?

Ann on March 02, 2016

is there any way you can detox from Dtap vaccination, and what do you think about D.E

Kvastro on March 01, 2016

Very informative

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