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Q&A 347 - Hybridized Fruits, Parasites, POTS, Restless Leg.

Jan 08, 2016 - 3 comments
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2:44 – Jessica – Are you following the expanding discussion about Hybridized fruits being lower in minerals? That then detoxing intense with High fruit, monomealing and juicing can both give autointoxification reaction (so much toxins and acids floating about the body reuptake/burn/it leaks  into the body hurting nervousystem and other parts of you? ) depending on your stored minerals, lifestyle and intensity and duration of detox with Predominantly hybridised fruits risks to leave one to low in minerals depleted and low energy low function? That the first High energy is from sugar but in long run many get to low in the minerals.

13:38- Mimi - How to deal with parasites? I found a cyst at the back of my throat with small worm larvae inside. A few days later it was gone so I must have swallowed it. But now keeps coming back in the same place. Done one month of your parasite herbs and planning to do another month in  a few weeks. Working up to your recommended dose but must go slow as very sensitive, long-term chronic health issues and concerned about wormwood toxins. What to do if it keeps coming back after the second round of herbs?

19:44 – Anna - Hi Dr. Morse! & thank you for these videos! I am 20 and was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) 3 years ago.My heart rate would always be somewhere between 130-180 unless I was lying down.I was so exhausted I was in bed most of the time.Now I take beta blockers everyday and would love to get off them somehow.What would be the cause of POTS?I.I feel I have some adrenal issues as I cant sleep at night. I am vegan and eat mostly fruit.

25:29 – Robin - I have been taking ropinerole (requip) for over 7 years for RLS "restless leg syndrome".  It is a dopamine agonist that is also used to treat Parkinson's.  I went out of town and forgot to bring my Rx with me....I was completely unaware of the withdrawal symptoms that I would endure.  Within hours of my missed dose, I was having extreme muscle jerks, panic attacks and absolutely NO sleep for the term of my trip.  I've  read that withdrawal can last for months. I must taper off, please advise

30:12 – I am a 30 years female. Almost 4 years on the raw food diet. My kidneys are filtering good I had a lot of detox symptoms. But I have always problems with iron deficiency. I had this problem since ever and I use to take iron supplements. Now I drink a lot of green juices, eat a lot of green, fruits and sprouts. So I don’t know why I still have iron deficiency. What should I do? I don’t want to take the Iron pills again. What is the problem? I think iron absorption problems… can you give me some advice plz?

32:05 – Tom - Right now, I have been working with  my adrenals and kidneys pretty hard. I am water fasting by drinking herbal teas only. I only eat a couple fruits a day now, Nothing else. I am feeling better and better. With this diet, i have gotten some pretty reddish brown urine with sparkling. Can you explain this?blood? I have no pain. My skin was filled with high cortisone drugs in my teens(psoriasis),by Phd my father.I will be sending more q's

Comments (3)

Heather R. Gallegos on January 20, 2016

Hi, I am a patient of Dr. Morse and I would like to share with the restless leg syndrome and heart palpitations, environmental issues and such. I am a 56 years old women and I had restless leg syndrome for many years(which is bogus crap in my option because its just ANOTHER made up name for something that shouldn’t even exist! It is the food that makes all these diseases, Such as GMO’s ,HORRIBLE drinking water etc. besides the environment TOXINS such as we are being FUMIGATED by our own world leaders, that is a military operation by the bogus so called “Global warming” , Look up population control my friends. Look up dangers in HAARP, man made weather, ZIONIST GENOCIDE, New World Order, The queen Bee herself is pure EVIL along with the Pope ,Jesuits and Rothchilds, Rockefeller’s etc …and pay ATTENTION to ALL the electromagnetic Towers that they are putting up faster than McDonalds or Walgreens! They are NOT cell phone towers, look up Gwen Towers!Look up the harmful effects of the EMF’s such as Smart meters, cell phones, computers etc..I stay off them as much as posible! They spray us with military jets ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG with Lithium,Aluminum,Barium, I could go on and on. Where did our sun go? LOOK UP PEOPLE! So Now, if there is a time that we must detox, it is NOW! I am an activists and know plenty about the Horrific “ZIONIST GENOCIDE” that has been going on for decades. Now to get back on topic with the so called "restless leg syndrome " I can tell you from 1st class experience that dairy and coffee are 2 of the culprits that give you this syndrome ! I also can say that it is mainly “GAS” that does this to you and what creates gas? Dairy and coffee and anything acidic !Being constipated is the worse form of gas because everything gets fermented and throws off tons of gas and can make you deathly ill! Once you start listening to Dr. Morse he is Spot on and I have been SO sick for many years with Lyme disease and the co-infections that go along with Lyme(which is a Bio Weapon made on Plum Island) and no I am NOT crazy, find out yourself , do some research and WATCH out for disinfo! I can only show you the door, its up to you to walk through that door ;) and I also have parasites etc. I have got strong enough finally ,even though I am so sick yet, I am starting this protocol all over again because I can tell you IT WORKS! I had many many family issues, many deaths, etc… for over 2 1/2 year, nothing but bad stuff happening for me so I went off the diet and I am sorry I did. I am now back up and running and on my way to heal. God Bless and thank you for reading . I ONLY talked about the environment because it plays a HUGE role in our illness. Heather Renee <3 :)

Lori on January 20, 2016

Hey this is Lori, Thank you Dr. Morse

I have Dealt with POTS, Adrenals Insufficany, Gastroparesis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
The medical field has had a hay day with my body. I now equip. with A feeding tube, a Port for daily Saline Infusion and recently had to have a pace maker put for my heart. I have been doing raw, but have had a few bounce backs here and there. Im trying to get off of meds. But I know that I need to cleanse out my lymathic system. I have been doing black grape juice. Now Im doing oranges.
I have came along way. and now my doctors are looking at me like what are you doing, and you know more than we do now. I have had many near dealth experiances with also pancreatitis. I have been watching how my eyes are changing and my skin. Im on a med now called Colanor for heart failure. and Steriods for the adrenal Insuf. But I am determined to get myself back. I have felt that empty body feeling where I feel like I have no more body and I cant wait until I get to that point again. I messed up over christmas on my food choices. and now detoxing.
Coming from Florida here. I know the new me will be coming. I have held on to my Faith. and I am grateful for the knoledge I have endured.

Grace S on January 12, 2016

Thank you for the information about dopamine being produced by the adrenal glands. I always thought it was only produced by the substantia nigra and ventra tegmental. That’s very helpful to know that and makes sense when I look at the other symptoms that often go with chronic RLS.

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