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Q&A - 340 - Dry Skin, Type 1 Diabetes, Organic Sulfur, Prostatitis

Oct 20, 2015 - 0 comments
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34:50 – “Bought some lymph capsules and can’t really smell the herbs a lot. Aren’t you suppose to be able to smell herbs, especially if their pure and potent? Or are there certain herbs that aren’t that aromatic?”

36:34 – Christina – “I’ve been high raw vegan for 3 years now. My core diet is fruit. My PCOS symptoms have cleared dramatically, but I still have some other concerns. I’m having hair loss while grooming. I have very cold feet and hands, especially in winter. I have a BP of 90/60 to 110/60. I have dry skin and acne during ovulation. I have skin moles, mild thoracic scoliosis and a right leg discrepancy”…

53:54 – Colleen – “A child in my life-one for whom I unfortunately have little say in terms of “life decisions” has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She is 13 years old. I know you have addressed this issue before, but I told my dear husband that I would write you. Please be so kind to speak to the fears this child’s parents face as they become increasingly indoctrinated into the world of daily insulin injections!”

1:01:43 – Maddison Sharp – “I am 18 from Australia. I am currently studying at university an dplay sport 3 times a week. I eat two fully raw meals each day with a low fat vegan dinner generally. I am taking your herbs twice a day in order to clear the sulfur from my eyes as well as kidneys & lymph system. I have done some detoxes lasting 5-6 days when I have my holidays. With a busy life style of study and sport, how am I continue to take herbs without feeling too tired to participate in these activities?”

1:07:25 – Robert – 26 year old recently diagnosed with Prostatitis.

1:26:32 – Tracy – “I was wondering if you might be able to do a spiritual vido on the topic of death and dying for those who are close to making their transition and also for the people who are caring for them.”

1:37:24 – ResearchStory – “Do not understand how a person can be against organic sulfur intake…there are remarkable testimonials all over Internet…AND, the good Dr. failed to even address the subject here…”

1:41:02 – Mira – “My question is for my 18 month old baby. When ever I feed him fruits specially berries he gets a really bad diaper rash. Now, I'm wondering, is the rash from the berries or are the fruits pulling the acids from his body?”

1:43:57 – Virginie - I just found you and actually agree with all your mind. I come to ask for help because I have a friend in a wheelchair (lower body) for 10 years. He had had serious motorcycle accident and his spinal cord is pinched from (what the doctors say). Therefore it can hardly have children. It is a lovely and considerate boy who does not deserve what happens to him. I come to you to see if you can help? Thank you.

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