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Q&A 339 - Insomnia, Acute Renal Failure, Neurological Disorders.

Sep 22, 2015 - 3 comments
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1:41 – Andrew - My name is Andrew - I am a nutritionist and have been actively engaged in the natural life style for many years. My parents however are not quite so on board. This past March my Dad first had a bout of insomnia, followed a few days later by a fever that persisted for a couple of weeks and then loosing strength in his legs. Now several months later he can no longer walk and has been filled with every pill you can imagine. It took him weeks of hospital stay before he sat in front of a team of 20+ docs and they all agreed that is is most likely GBS. Gave him a round of globulin therapy and sent him on his way to a rehab facility. After a couple weeks there he made no progress so they sent him back to the hospital for more globulin therapy. (Email continues).

25:23 – B - My story: While visiting Australia, in 2006, I was diagnosed with acute renal failure...due to having an enlarged prostate for years and having to 'push' when peeing. This led to the urine going up, enlarging the urethra tubes so I was peeing back into the kidneys; for years. Not good. I had had a blood run-up there thinking I had parasites from traveling in South America, and feeling very tired after slight energy exchanges (I do Cranial-Sacral). The Doc., after seeing the numbers said, "You need to go into the hospital at once or you'll be dead in one month." Bit of a shocker that. So I went it and got the catheter put in and stayed for three days. Catheters hurt....a lot. Couldn't wait to get out of the hospital. I started looking around for treatments and finally settled on a HoLep laser treatment in New Zealand. I went there and got it from the man who invented it, but it only worked for about one month. I then had an emergency TURP operation also in NZ. A large chunk of prostate was taken out. That worked. The only symptoms I had had indicating trouble was the 'pushing', and one bad case of edema, which appeared after a long bus ride in Mexico, about one year earlier. That went away after a few days of rest, so I thought I was good to go. But no. (Email continues).

50:25 – Hi Dr. Morse, you answered my questions about my gut but I started developing very strange and bad neurological disorders which were always kinda there but now they built up to where its all over the place. I am getting very strong spasms when I try to rest and it gets so bad. My head will move to the right side by itself and it just jolt like this and the deeper I go into restful sleep, the stronger and more repetitive it gets, it’s the same if I try to meditate or relax deeply enough

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Adrienne on October 13, 2015


Nicole on September 27, 2015

Thanks So Much! for your guidance. It’s been such a help and a turn around of thinking for me. These things were taught to me b4 but I let the world influence me. Thank You for reminding me and creating these products to help me balance myself. I have severe psoriasis but it seems like it’s drying up and my question for this is the itching has increased does this meanings that my body is fighting back for balance?

Nick on September 23, 2015

Why did Dr. Morse’s significant other have a kidney stone if she was following his fruitarian diet? Also why did he not try to solve the problem with herbs and fruit ?

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