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Q&A 337- Bilateral Ureteroceles, Cheating/Diet, Interstitial Cystitis, Reproductive System

Sep 14, 2015 - 1 comment
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Ewelina – 18-year old wanting to attend your detoxification classes.

17:43 – Aline – Can I take the herbs forever or should I limit the time taking them? If so, why?

25:12 – Gwen – I am seeing your opinion on the following: The chi machine, ionic foot bath, smoking or consuming Marijuana, MS/ALS, Nerve rings, eye floaters, GI Broom and having a cheat day.

36:07 – I have a genetic defect called bilateral Uteroceles. They are balloons and the end of each ureter that cause urine to pool and then slowly drain into the bladder. Also, questions about my dad. He has gout, high blood pressure, Bell’s palsy, numbness or tingling in his feet and the meanest temper.

1:12:22 – Jess – Dr. Morse I was doing so fine with the fruit diet and when I got to day 15 I had a cheat meal (pizza). I want to stay motivated, any advice?

1:17:56 – Fiona - I have had interstitial cystitis for 30 years and nothing has helped. I have come across several people who have cured IC with the raw diet and I have bought your book. I would like to know the best way to start gradually as detoxing sounds scary and I dont want to lose too much weight - a little would be fine but only 7-10 lbs. I plan to cut out meat and eat raw fruit/veg but could I carry on with dairy products and bread for while? What would be best - I love my natural yoghourt?

1:25:36 - I really need help my main reason is my reproductive system I had a previous Leep In 2007, back in 2009 I had a myomectomy, in 2011 I had a period that last for 7 weeks that according to the doctor was a broken fibroid so they perform a d&c to remove it. Last year I miscarriage at 6 weeks, then I was pregnant with twins, born prematurely at 24w1d, they didn't make it unfortunaly, dr say at first short cervix, Inconpetent cervix and irritable cervix, some say it happen with twins,

1:35:56 - At 16 i was diagnosed as hypothyroid. my symptoms were excessive hair fall out and always feeling tired. i was on levothyroxine for five years and have not felt better. my symptoms only got worse. The doctors would test my TSH levels and the results would always show up normal which i found odd because my hair was still falling out and i felt tired all the time. i am now completely off the medication however i need guidance in what herbs i need to buy. also i have regular periods.

1:43:46 – Dominika – Low progesterone level whilst pregnant (first trimester). How can I increase the levels?

1:48:05 – Unknown – Do you have any experience with phantom pain, which usually people with spinal injury or amputees suffer from?

1:56:52 – Dave – I have a friend who is dealing with vertigo and has been pretty much bedridden for a whole week.

2:01:45 – Helen - It took about half a yr but I am now ALL FRUIT & HERBS. I feel a little tired but no where near as bad as I thought, due to the herbs from your clinic. However, it is a lonely path it seems. No-one has met what I am doing with much congratulations. It seems to irritate EVERYONE that I should chose to live my life this way. Any suggestions on how best to cope with such a dismal reaction from those who are deeply into programmed (Protein) behaviors? Your Channel is a Miracle and so are you Robert

2:10:29 – Victor – I am having problems digesting foods even fruits sometimes, also have varicose veins and dermatitis on one of my legs, but what worries me the most right now is my dermatitis.

2:15:40 – Scott – My Mother-In-Law has stage IV Lung Cancer. We have begun using your Fab 4 and Lung tincture’s and tea’s. We have your book and are following a raw fruit and vegetable diet; carefully monitoring so that we are not mixing foods that will become acid.

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Lexi on September 01, 2017

I have IC interstitial cystitis I have tried absolutely everything. Been to many doctors. I am vegan have been for a long time. Currently one month on a raw diet now. No changes. Still in bad pain with no quality of life. Moving around too much hurts. There seems to be no hope. I’m very scared as I have no health insurance and have to save up to even talk to doctors and get prescriptions that seem to make me even sicker. Please any advice I will try.

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