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Q&A 330 - Sulfur, Stress and Anxiety, Urine Therapy, Receding Gums.

Aug 20, 2015 - 3 comments
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02:31 – Isabel – “I have a question about sulfur, I know you’ve been trying asparagus root to pull sulfur out, will the same be with ordinary asparagus?”…

06:50 – Unknown – I am a 60 year old housewife and always kept myself in good physical shape. After years of personal stress and anxiety in 2012 I began showing signs of tremors in my hands and have been weak all over especially on the right side of my body.”…

20:32 – Mr Oseeghee – “I know you're not a fan of urine therapy and I'm not debating you or trying to start an argument but I've been on it for 10 months and it works wonders for the body internally and externally. I would like to do a clinical study one day, and I would like you to be in charge of it.”…

21:24 – Katya – 1. Are dried fruits like prunes, apricots, figd acidic? Unsulfured. Should I be eating them? 2. Every time I am swimming in the ocean I snort ocean water to cleanse my sinuses. I have a lot of mucus coming out. Do you think it’s a good idea to do it? 3. What do you think about castor oil cleanse where in the morning you drink 1-2 ounces of castor oil after that sip on hot water for some time.

26:02 – Kellie – I suffer from interstitial cystitis so I cannot have any fruit. So going slow with the food is a must. Even though I want to get better asap.

30:53 – Unknown – I have been vegan with high fruit for a year now. 21 year old female. I lost half my hair and my skin broke out so badly that people thought I had chicken pocks! I have receding gums and they are getting so bad…

39:26 – Trevor – Type 1 diabetes. I am 23 and I was diagnosed at 12. Within the first year of having type 1 I went to a chiropractor and he helped with energy and had me on digest protease and probiotic enzymes and eating organic etc.

48:26 – clive mossmoon – Can you hit a lymphatic vein to draw lymph and look at it under a microscope like you can blood?

50:40 – Elaina – “I just discovered you yesterday July 30, 2015, on youtube. Is there any hope for me concerning my jawbone. Years ago I had two root canals done on my upper jaw teeth. The two teeth side by sise become infected. I could smell tehm like a dead animal smell.”

54:14 – Rod – “Attached to this email is a STATE OF ILLINOS mandatory Meningitis Vaccine for my 2 children in High School (My boy, a junior and my daughter a freshman). This is a case where children are forced to be vaccinated!”

01:08:30 – Sarah – “Hi Dr. Morse I hope you’re doing well. I’m on a 100% fruit diet and eat some dates here and there. Since I’m reversing type 1 diabetes is it best to stay on this diet forever or can I switch to a vegan diet?”

1:10:25 – Alan – “Hi! 24 year old male stuck at the same weight of 105 lbs for years. Tonsils removed at age 10. Itchy lower left rib with a small bump (Breathed in mold). Dry tongue that has bumps and gets stuck on the roof of my mouth like touching ice with wet hands and pulling it off. Ouch. Drinking water burns! Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation too. What should I do? PS Thank you for your healing/kindness. It's like putting Aloe on the Soul! Much love to you all!”…

Comments (3)

Raffy on January 08, 2017

Continue as you are Dr. Morse, your anger is what makes things work!

Heather on September 09, 2015

I’ve enjoyed the videos immensely. I’m feeling much better on the fruit diet, placed my first order, and am looking forward to my journey from Hellville to Wellville! Thanks, and keep up the great work! :)

Sarah on September 06, 2015

Hello, I appreciate Dr Moses’s wisdom and experience, but it is difficult to watch with so much waxing poetic and political meanderings. I am in total agreement, but I can’t even watch when I have to hear about his anger as well as hypothetical stuff. I would like to hear actual healing advice in response to the letters. I don’t mean to be critical, but as someone who has been studying healing methods for 20 years it just is hard to hear the same anger over and over. Thank you for all you do.

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