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Q&A 317 - Severe Acne, Hashimotos, Gallbladder.

Jul 14, 2015 - 1 comment
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05:20 – Bobby – Just wanted to keep you posted. Chanel’s marker has come down from 67 to 58.

11:31 – Andri - dr morse you made me go from 250gr protein/day to 85% fruits and ill never thank you nothing greater than what you say and do..i have 2 major questions,im a 22/male but i have a small bone and i look way younger , is possible to grow my bone? and i cant digest very
well (its been almost a month eating 85% fruits )actually my stool looked normal when i used to eat bread pizza etc. can u give me the name of the guy you always show who built lots of muscle? big thanks from my heart :)

23:10 - Giselle – Questions about severe acne.

53:44 – Ryan - I went through a naturalpathic doctor to get my genetics tested to see what my genetic blueprint is. My results said that my Detoxification Pathways were not good. I have one copy of GSTM1 Deletion, and no copies of GSTT1. He said that my body will not produce Glutathione and said that I would need to take this for life. It is called Tri-Fortify Orange by Researched Nutrilionals. I am 37 and have varicose veins on my right calf. Do I need this for life or do i have options?

56:57 – Andrea - Hi I am a 37 year old female I have 4 children after my 3rd child 2011 I started getting incredible head pain 24/7 for about 4 months...I was diagnosed with hashimotos in 2012 an put on hydrocortisone my cortisol was low( -3) in 2014 I stopped taking the steriods and Ate a low carb diet for systematic candida. I am 5'9 120lbs after I lost it due to cronic lung issues.i have severe joint pain lock jaw (spinodosis in 2011) cronic nerve pain thin hair andsome vitiligo under eyes knee fluid nausea.

01:02:30 – Michael - I was just diagnosed yesterday and they want to do surgery. I currently live in California and was wondering if the hernia can be treated holistically? I have a free consult on this Friday with a holistic doc and consult with a herbalist this Thursday.

01:06:22 – Gershon - My wife is about to have her gal bladder removed due to sludge, gravel and stones, she already had a bad attack a year ago, we found a "recipe" to flush the stones out but they're back again and she doesn't wish to use that "recipe" again. Is the gal bladder really expendable. What are the repercussions of body functioning without it. Her condition doesn't seem to be diet related. it is hereditary. What to do.

01:10:13 – Kaylie - Dr. Morse, you are a huge inspiration to my family, and we love you big time man, my fiancé calls you "the good doctor". We got a big surprise on our journey to wellville and I am 7 weeks pregnant. I eat mostly grapes, berries & melons, my kidneys are filtering but adrenals are still down, blood pressure is 110/60. I heard from a naturopath glandulars were not safe during pregnancy and neither are herbs. How can I safely boost up myself and baby? Thank you, I appreciate you with all my heart.

01:14 – Michelle - Hello there! I am wondering what supplement I can take for sulfur burps? I was diagnosed with gastroparesis years back, and was told i would continue to get small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. When i do i get bile smelling burps, diarrhea and feel ill! So far no one has been able to help me gain my health back:( i am a41 yo female and i am 5'1 and weigh 120. Everyone around me thinks I am becoming anorexic! Please tell me what protocol i should take from Dr.Morse. Thank you in advance

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Carl Mulder on July 15, 2015

Love your videos dr morse, love, love, love them, keep up the great work.

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