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Q&A 316 - Scaring, Teeth, Dry Skin, Moving Lymph...

Jun 24, 2015 - 1 comment
00:34 – Jaz – “I am a 33-year-old female from Hawai‘i who currently lives in Greece. Until I was 20, I ate the typical American diet. While I always loved and ate plenty of fruit and a fair amount of vegetables, I ate pork chops, steak, and roast beef like it was my job. My consciousness began to shift in my early 20s, and by the time I was 26 I had left meat behind for good. 98% of the time I have been dairy-free (ghee–have a weakness for Indian food). For a few years in between 2007 and now, I ate fish/seafood but those days are long gone. I am grateful for this shift in consciousness, even if it took quite a while.”…

22:10 – Farnas – “How can we move our lymph? Sport? Rebounding? But what if my kidneys are not filtering how can I move my lymph?? My whole life I had excessive sweating. I was diagnose with Hyperhidrosis. about 3 years ago I had a surgery to remove my sweat glands under my arms. But know I now that sweating is very important for my body L and now I regret what I did a lot L my kidneys are not filtering L and cannot sweat a lot now so what should I do???? How can I support my IG track? Which herbs?”

32:54 – Brianna – “Can a raw food diet heal scaring? And what system is poor healing if scars linked to? I have both minor and severe scarring from an injury I attained as a child and minor scarring from an injury several weeks ago. I really want to heal them completely (they are bright red) but have not been successful. Thanks so much or all you do!”

40:09 – Bri – “Hi dr morse! I'm a 17 year old female just graduating high school; and I really need your help! I have a question regarding detoxification. I went on all fruit (mostly organic) for over a year; with absolutely no cheating whatsoever. In this time several of my teeth began to rot and I lost all my enamel. With this in mind; I also never felt better. I want to return to this diet; however I am extremely fearful that this will happen again(I spent over 3000 on my teeth to fix it). Thanks!”

45:48 – Susanne – “Hi, my name is Susie and I have had very dry skin since I was a baby. My mum tried to find cures and went to any doctor she could find, but they all only gave her creams and she was/is determined it comes from the inside. I still have not found the cause after 39 years and was wondering if you have any ideas? My skin is dry and cracks in dry cold climate and gets better in the sun. No eczema or sensitivity, get red very easily and extreme points are heels, chins and calves, but all over really.”

50:40 - Nicolas - Are sprouted Fenugreek seeds a good addition to our diet? I read very good things about them, apparently a good expectorant and act as a broom for the digestive track. Any thoughts? Can I do GI broom morning and evening or is it too much? I did it once and I felt very tired the following morning. Maybe too much pulling at once drained my nerve energy in the detox process? (see video.)

01:05:39 – Unknown - Hello i have been battling this weird illness for 6 months now. been to the hospital 3 times and they send me back home with pain killers and antibiotics. I suspect it is Lyme. My symptoms started in my upper jaw and roof of my mouth. it would feel like someone is beating me in the head with a bat and my face would start tingling. i am only 20 years old and a student. i live in fort lauderdale. i just had my wisdom teeth taken out thinking that would relieve my symptoms. For some reason i notice it is worse whever i eat bananas or anything that has sugar on it. dentist cant find anything either. i do have amaglams and 1 root canal but with limited funds it is hard for me. i would appreciate any advice you can give?

01:11:13 – Jenna - This may be a crazy question. But I am wondering what exactly do you consider to be fruits? For instance, I have always heard that foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash ect are all considered fruits as well. Is this your belief as well?

01:14:33 – Jenn’sPOV - Thank you. You're so helpful. How does one "go after the lymphatic system"? I have hyperthyroidism so I know raw is helpful, but maybe exercise and other things as well?

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dexter on July 16, 2015

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein

You have started into a new paradigm of thinking and living, there are two worlds one is the public/allopathic standard regulated/policed and private what is referred to as alternative medicine. The thing is that the US CORP a foreign British company controls all " comes from the word corpse-dead" corporations 501C type in North America the land they have place their grid over the land and ask all business’s to join their club, if one doesn’t they make it very difficult for you to live in their box/grid if you don’t get their license’s, register/gift your stuff to them and get certified by their standard’s to do business.

Perhaps it’s not so much the foods that are the problem but you are using the same system for your oral care, tooth paste has glycerine and fluoride/rat poison which coats the enamel by doing so your teeth can’t re-enamal. Go to the web and search for the paper Doctor Jared Judd and his writeup about the care of teeth.

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