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Please Stand and Help Christian Arnold

May 08, 2015 - 122 comments

Hello Friends,


It is with great urgency that we  are posting this blog and asking for your help.  Many of you have heard Dr. Morse speak of the little boy in California with leukemia, whose parents did not want to subject him to chemotherapy.  The parents took the boy and fled California, caring for the child with herbs and raw juices for five weeks before California Child Protective Services caught up with them and returned them to California.  Under threat of losing her child the state coerced (bullied) the mother into signing off on chemotherapy.

During chemotherapy this little boy began to experience several side effects, including bleeding retinas and severe pancreatitis.  All of these side effects subsided when the chemotherapy dose was reduced.  On top of chemotherapy the boy has been given steroids and antibiotics regularly during the last year of “treatment,” and  his health and wellbeing have degraded accordingly.

Last week Christian Arnold’s blood once again tested positive for leukemia, and against Christian and his father’s wishes, Kaiser Family Foundation and California CPS are pushing for Christian to begin a new, stronger round of chemotherapy (Mitoxantrone) on Tuesday, May 12th.  Given the effects of the first round, the odds of him surviving a second round are not promising.

We are asking everyone who reads this to take five minutes out of your weekend to support Chad Arnold in his fight to choose the health modality with which to care for Christian—to be able to refuse a course of treatment that will cause him harm.  Please email Chad here with “Attn:  Commissioner Imhoff” in the subject line.  Please send a brief email asking this Commissioner to grant Chad Arnold the right to choose what is best for Christian. 

Too often in recent years have we seen parent’s and individuals wishes disregarded in terms of choosing how to regain health, and being forced into chemotherapy and other harmful treatments.  The most recent example was 17 year old “Cassandra C.,” kept under guard at a Connecticut hospital and forced to continue chemotherapy against both hers and her mother’s wishes.  It is past time that this type of medical tyranny be stopped.  We are asking you to show Commissioner Imhoff that we are not an isolated group of crackpots, but rather a large, unified group of intelligent and capable people who are tired of having our rights denied, and tired of being forced into treatments we know are harmful.  For ourselves and most especially for our children.

We are not asking for donations or anything other than a fraction of your time.  Please email Chad before Monday morning (PST), when he will attempt an emergency hearing to stop Tuesday’s treatment.  This blog post is public and available to non-members, so if you have friends and family members who would be willing to help please feel free to share with them.  And this is not limited to US residents, even if you are outside the US you can still make your voice heard.  Your help in this urgent matter is vital and most deeply appreciated.

Comments (122)

Mary McCloskey on June 23, 2015

If, god forbid, this little boy dies then the medical establishment, in my view, should be taken up for murder or manslaughter.

Susan Maguire on May 30, 2015

Just who gave the permission for strangers to decide and order what kind of medical treatment parents choose for their children. This is a travesty. Just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sky Dimond on May 27, 2015

It is appalling that in the United States of America we now
“do not have the freedom to choose” our own or children’s healthcare. This is just UN-CONSTITUTIONAL.
I sure hope this family can find a lawyer willing to sue Mr Imhoff personally for violating all their rights. Sad this child has to be tortured in the process. Someday chemo will be looked upon as a Barbaric Practice….

matt turner on May 17, 2015

Be strong, never give in, never surrender

Mike Wiltse on May 16, 2015

Thankyou Commissioner Imhoff for letting freedom ring.Everyone knows deep down Chemo is stark raving madness"Give Arnold & Family their birth rights to make a proven healthier choices that have been healing & detoxing cancer for years.

mu on May 16, 2015

Is there any update or news regarding this situation?

There is a petition at to show support for Christian and his family. It might help to sign and share on your social media etc.

andri on May 15, 2015

Commissioner imhoff
Let the parents decide for their son

Kirsten Evensen on May 15, 2015

Commissioner imhoff- you are not God, therefore you do not have the authority to give or to take this little boys life!!!!!! I too fought against poisonous chemical treatments on my daughter for Crohn’s disease and got looked upon by doctors like I was ignorant! Dr morses herbs and protocol saved my daughters life! Let this family CHOOSE how to treat their son!!!!!!!! It is not your battle to fight!

stephcole on May 15, 2015

Commisioner Imhoff, I am appalled that this family is forced into treatment of their son which is clearly not benefiting him but killing him. And he was improoving with natural treatment. I find it hard to believe this is happenning in this country. This is an act of causing cruelty and harm to human being, disregarding of human rights and democracy. I implore you to stop this insanity and crime. If this child dies how are you going to feel knowing you could have stopped it?

Sumeet on May 14, 2015

Dear Commissioner Imhoff,
I may have missed the deadline for the court case, however I wanted to share my voice.

This child and his parents have a right to choose the course of treatment, whether they wanted to go through chemotherapy or treat their child through different means.

It is our right not only as American citizens to pursue how we choose to live, and for that matter die, but very simply as human beings.

Do strip any more of their dignity and rights, look deeper and please know that many people have this same mind.

He has a right to choose.

The public and others have heard about this case and I am sure it is not going to be the last, please give him and his family the right to choose.
S. Dhillon
Chicago, IL

Julio Ruiz on May 13, 2015

Mr imhofff, in the name of my LORD Jesus Christ, I beg you to grant authority to Chad and his wife to decide what is best option for Christian’s treatment. understanding that so long a child is under the care of their parents they should have right to decide what is best for them. so little we understand these chemo treatments, and I think we should have classes t hat would educate our entire population and expose the side effects that these chemo treatments offer and with all good intention to kill bad cells they are killing the good cells in the process.

Stacy Austin on May 13, 2015

i beg you to let theses parents choose what is best for their child Acid ( chemo) on top of an acid cell never cures. If you want this young boy to live you will get the facts straight and not force acid into his body. Thank you

Maria on May 13, 2015

If anyone knows what is going on with Christian right now, please right a comment. I have no info and yesterday was supposed to be his first day of chemo. I hope and pray our collective efforts have paid off and the boy did not have to go through it. I really hope God helps this family.

Aleli on May 12, 2015

Attn: Commissioner Imhoff

As a registered nurse, I am pleading with you to allow the parents of Christian to decide what is best for him. Chemo is not always the best treatment. I’ve had plenty of patients who have gotten worse due to chemo. Also there are patients rights. Just because he’s a minor does not mean that his parents do not have the right to refuse treatment. Who are you to say that chemo is the best treatment for him???? There are plenty of studies that will confirm that chemo can has made the patient’s condition worse. Please allow his parents the right to chose THIER child’s treatment. I became a nurse to help and heal patient’s not to force my views and choices on them. They have the right to refuse chemo. They wants what’s BEST for him, and not getting chemo is their choice.

They’re going through enough please don’t make this experience any more painful for them.

Aleli F. R.N.

Victoria on May 12, 2015

I was in pain 5 years next to the death s door From 19 t0 25 I got severe side effects from a syntetic drug (Seizures’ 150-170 my heart beat per minute 60-70 blood pressure’ severe somnolenceI got the comma feeling every night) Doctors refused to listen my version! i was in such much pain ! Now i am not afraid I will die ! Once I became raw vegan and I start taking herbs my life changed! I am living in a country where we simple don have money for food but if a child is sick of leukemia the medical system knew the lack o information about how raw vegan cured degenerative disease this medical system dont push people to treat though chemotherapy but I am living a state where these children s parent dont have money for raw food and herbs ! So they choose this e. treatment and these children are dying! I am crying It s simple not fair a country like USA these children failed their potentially future extraordinary life because they HAVE to fallow synthetic protocol which eventually kill them! Lord i trust YOU! You gave us the totally freedom that the state SHOULD denied ! Allow your Grace to change s all doctors decision! T know YOU choose Life not Death! This child NEEDS to live as I and you want! Let s give him what he need the original freedom to say NO to chemotherapy

Shelbie on May 12, 2015

Attention Commissioner Imhoff:
As a pediatric ICU registered nurse of 10 years doubling in case management; I plead with you to give Chad Arnold and family authority over Christian to choose which path of case they feel fit for their son. They are his ultimate voice. I have seen the many sides of pediatric cancer treatment through my years of experience. There are numerous side effects; no one doubts that on paper lab work may temporarily reflect a cure of cancer. Chemo takes a complete toll on these strong little frail bodies. Their journeys are defined by multiple hospital stays with recurring subsequent infections and side effects. Their quality of life becomes that of living in a hospital. The cancer typically resurfaces requiring multiple rounds of treatment with each round having more dire side effects.

That said; I ask that as a parent you see this situation through the eyes of Christian and his parents. Allow them to seek out alternative therapies for their child that will not decrease his quality of life. Do not put the burden upon helpless Christian and his parents of coercing him into treatment that is causing him to feel so ill. The burden of knowing that this situation is affecting his entire family. It will only cause him to feel so quilty for a disease that is out of his control. With love and light in my heart I appeal to your goodwill and conscience. I plead you once more; give this family authority over their child and his route of healthcare. Leave them with peace as they have made the decision fit for their child.

Thank You for your Time and Consideration,


Maggie krWiec on May 11, 2015

Attention Commissioner Imhoff ,
Please allow parents of Chad Arnold to make the choice how their child should be treated for his leukemia.I only speak with my own experience.My family every day feels the gilt that we did not push harder that we trusted doctora and allowed for 3 years of chemo after my sister little boy Jas got sick with leukamia
After second bone morrow transplant we knew that doctors were hopless Jas went through terrible suffering and ultimately the side effects killed him.We watched for 4 years hopless not being allowed to try different treatment .We begged to let us try naturopath option after first chemo ,after first transplant failure,we begged again aftersecond chemo and second transplant failure…….The system faild and KILLED HIM!!!
No apology they told us we new the risks !
Please let the parents make the decision we were denied .
We miss him evey day

Sandra Rhone on May 11, 2015

Attention Commissioner Imhoff, Please grant Christian’s parents the right to choose what what they deem best for their child. They deserve the human right to seek alternative treatment for the child that was entrusted to their care by the Creator.

Mark S. Gravelle on May 11, 2015

1Corinthians 13:11-13 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known. 13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. Marke

Gary Wagner on May 11, 2015

Dear Commissioner Imhoff
I am recommending that this boy and his parents take the right road into natural herbs and fruit in this situation and not continue down a road with these nazi war chemicals and let them be at one with nature.
Leukemia is an acid problem and acid chemicals won’t fix an acid problem .
Lukemia is not a disease we have to drive out of the body. It’s a
We have to use fruit to get back to nature for things to get better here.
We have miseducated our medical students for the past century
Please don’t let this family suffer from this aggressive chemical that destroys life.
Love to you and your family

Jaye on May 11, 2015

Please consider allowing the Arnolds the right to parent their child. If chemo was positively unequivocally the cure then there would be no question; however, sadly chemo is just one option…it is not foolproof. Politicians and the medical establishment are not the ones who should be deciding Christian’s fate. Please allow Christian’s parents to parent.

Daniel Knight on May 11, 2015

Commissioner Imhoff; this is the most disgusting thing i could imagine a person or a ‘government’ could do to a child! shame on your ignorant soul

Faridah on May 11, 2015

Attn: Commissioner Imhoff
This is not a case of child neglect. His parents are clearly choosing a healing path.

Susan on May 11, 2015

My son endured 5 yrs of chemo and is alive and well today thanks to Mannatech healing and protecting him. It was either chemo or they would have taken him . Very evil medical practice.

Adina on May 11, 2015

Attn: Commissioner Imhoff
In my opinion it’s a sickness to recommend these “treatments” with chemotherapy to young children! Really! Where are the human rights in this country? I have been study in medical school for years and I just could not stand to the chemicals and all the manipulation that medical institutions does to “treat people”. There are better way for saving life and one is the NATURAL WAY as God intended for us humans. Please take in consideration this letter and help little Chad Arnold and his parents to have the right to choose what is best for his son. Best wishes, Adina

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