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What We Know About Velvet Deer Antler

Mar 11, 2015 - 22 comments

Velvet antler is the early growth portion of an antler.  Unlike sheep, cow and elephants who have one set of horns/tusks  for life, animals such as moose, elk and deer shed their antlers and regrow them every year.  Velvet antler is harvested by simply cutting off the antler at an earlier stage than it would naturally fall off.

Elk and deer are raised in protected environments and are fed well.  This process is not harmful in any way to these domesticated, loving vegetarians.  Harvesting velvet deer antler is, to the animal, the equivalent of having your fingernails cut.  It is beneficial to the animals as it minimizes the risk of injury when males combat each other.  The deer are also given a mild anesthetic to minimize the stress, much as some veterinarians will do to dogs and cats when trimming their nails.

The Ultimate Immune tonic, which contains velvet deer antler, is a cellular tonic especially for those who are feeble, emaciated, or broken down.  It is said that velvet deer antler is especially good for the bone marrow and helps strengthen the body.  Because it is a cellular proliferator, it can also help speed the healing of wounds.  NFL (National Football League) players use velvet antler to build strength and endurance and speed the healing of injuries.

Some worry that animals are harmed in this process.  We have not directly heard of any cases.  However, that does not stop others from wild harvesting, and in this sense some things can become a catch 22.  Our herb company receives their velvet deer antler from sources where deer are protected and raised with utmost care.  The benefits of velvet deer antler greatly outweigh the miniscule amount of negative, especially for practitioners in their tremendous task today of getting people well and rebuilding the human cell.

Comments (22)

Please provide an alternative for vegans on February 10, 2016

I really need to use a bone and connective tissue formula but my body contracts at the idea of the deer being used in this way. Can you recommend some alternatives for someone like me? Many thanks. Olivia.

Miguel on November 19, 2015

You guys suck, I’m paraplegic and I’m using deer antler to better myself and it’s working. How about all you idiots try being years in a wheelchair and be happy. Don’t listen dr. morse, you are doing a great thing. Fanatical people, if you take care of the animal then you can use certain parts for medical reasons. I really despise people who aren’t for bettering peoples health. If the antler will re-grow back then why not use for the health of people. God bless you dr. morse.

Anthony Brown on May 19, 2015

Is deer antler good for your body as I I been hearing

Andrew on March 21, 2015

Dr Morse don’t worry about these rabid haters. They were sent here by fanatical PETA people. These people are NOT followers of your healing protocols. They are ignorant of using detoxification and herbal formulas to heal from chronic disease. They think you can eat “30 bananas a day” and heal that way. They are ignorant and not worth your time.

Andrew on March 21, 2015

“NotOK” the deer antler velvet is clearly stated on the few formulas that contain it. So if you can read it is NOT “hidden” as you claim.

Susan on March 17, 2015

Agree with all if the above. Harvesting any animal is wrong. We may as well do experiments on them! Please be so kind as to do a vid explaining your actions and to put this situation to rest. Blessings.

Yur Anidiot on March 16, 2015

Nice fairy tale you are telling people here. They use a saw. How would you like it if someone cut off your body parts with a saw? You should be ashamed.

DISGUSTING & SHAMEFUL on March 14, 2015

DISGUSTING & SHAMEFUL all for the sake of money.

Anne J DeRocher, CN on March 14, 2015

I have used God’s herbs for years now. They are great. I have to say though, nothing about using deer antler feels right. We are not supposed to hold deers captive and cut off their antlers prematurely. I completely oppose this and hope you choose an alternative.

Jacki Vorhees on March 13, 2015

This ingredient/process makes me very sad. I am a wildlife major and am fully aware of what’s going on with this process. I do believe you when you say the deer are taken care of and I am glad they are given an anesthetic but, I would like to see this ingredient tightly controlled by Dr. Morse. By that I mean not for sale to the general public – only given to people who have had a consultation and it is deemed absolutely necessary for the health/life of this individual. Love you Dr. Morse & Staff

NotOK on March 13, 2015

Which formulas contain this hidden deer antler? As a vegan I will never consume $hit like this. Ridiculous. Morse you know better.

danny glass on March 13, 2015

I have now lost total respect for you due to seller deer antler.. There is no need for this to be sold as we can get everything we need from plant based foods.. Do you have no compassion for the deers? This is painful and traumatic for the deer..

Carl Mulder on March 13, 2015

Great blog, thanks for the update.

Anne J DeRocher, CN on March 12, 2015

I have used God’s herbs for years now. They are great. I have to say though, nothing about using deer antler feels right. We are not supposed to hold deers captive and cut off their antlers prematurely. I completely oppose this and hope you choose an alternative.

Amy on March 12, 2015

Where to start…. deer are not domesticated animals as suggested in the article… nor is it ethical to keep them in captivity just to sedate and clamp the deer to remove their antlers. Many deer farms also harvest the animals for meat and there have been multiple examples of cruelty in this practice, so it is unusual that the clinic has never heard examples of this. There may not be nerves in the antlers, but there are many at the base which probably do not respond well to the actions of a saw. Fingernails also do not bleed when cut like the deer antlers. Perhaps the clinic could find a vegan alternative or leave it out all together? Is this really necessary or appropriate in the fruitarian community which is typically populated with vegans?

Melissa on March 12, 2015

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this. I can’t even express it properly. Just don’t.

rose on March 12, 2015

I hope Dr. Morse doesn’t approve of this. I will not take any medicine that comes from doing this. Love you Dr. Morse. Smile and be happy.

Reisha Maidou on March 12, 2015


Steve on March 12, 2015

I urge everyone to look at the following link and make up their own mind: – harvesting anything from animals is wrong, deers deserve to run wild and free rather than live in captivity just to have their antlers hacked off for questionable supplements.

Jerry Cook on March 12, 2015

I beg you to NOT use this animal product nor any other animal products for several reasons including 1. the use of harvesting and using this product is unnatural for the animal and humans. 2. there must be herbs and foods that will assist the healing of cells just as well as this product with NO bad side effects. 3. consuming or applying an animal product exposes humans to the potential of passing chronic wasting disease to humans.. I beg you to discontinue recommending this product.. Thanks, jerry

Nukleuz Wu on March 12, 2015

Thank you!!!!!!!!

May All Blessings Be!

Rosey Charlton on March 12, 2015

I trust Dr Robert M, He loves people and the animals if this was a risk factor he would not have approve of it like it say its like cutting your finger nails off or I add trimming off hair from were ever you don’t want it no harm in that hay, so lets all relax ..its ok.

I love you Dr Morse

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