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Q&A - 300 - Keratoconus, Methadone, Shattered Tibia and Fibula.

Mar 05, 2015 - 2 comments
04:35 – Nabil – I would like to get your opinion and some advice about an ete disease called Keratoconus.

09:54 – Sonja - I have been prescribed Methadone 30 mg a day taking 10mg 3X per day. I want to come off. I'm not on any others medications. I know these are messing up my adrenals and body/mind. How do I best help myself? Help my fatigued system? My body/mind is "fogged out" from medication and feels cluttered. I'm afraid because I've experienced BAD bouts of depression over the past 30 years & suicidal thoughts. I've listened to your videos & ordered herbs from you in the past. Please Help me be free of this.

18:05 – Unknown – I’m currently in the hospital after falling while rock climbing. I have shattered the distal ends of both my tibia and fibula. I have had surgery so that an external fixator could put the bones back in the right position….

24:30 – Bryan - I am practicing mostly raw foods 100% of the time the past couple months, going fantastic for me. But I am noticing one problem that hasn't really left me, and that is my very embarrassing dry itchy flaky scalp. From my own knowledge i would think its hydration that needs to happen, and some sort of repairing. Also consuming more anti inflammatory foods, but The problem still persists, even on a perfect fruit day for me (citrus melon citrus, 2-3 gallons of pure water). What is going on here ?

28:15 - Alexandra - Dr. Morse I would first like to start off by saying how amazing I think you are and to thank you for opening my eyes to the right way of healing. I have been raw now, eating primarily fruit for 3 months now. At first digestion was great. I was going after ever meal, in the morning and sometimes even before bed and I never felt bloated.I just recently have been bloating in the bottom half of my stomach and constipation. I feel heavy and hardly have an appetite. Please help thank you

33:18 – Edward - Hi Dr. Morse. Around 2 years ago I took a strong course of antibiotics for an infection I never had (malpractice). What are the best steps for me to return my gut to normal and offset any potential damage done. Thank you.

37:12 – Kelvin - Hi. My name is Kelvin from Kelowna, BC. in Canada. Wow it is really
great to see truth. You can only have an open mind and try different things, and try to educate yourself. I started on the fasting and mono diet around 21, and than got pulled off the track into vegetarianism with all its starches and proteins. Eventually I got into meat eating again. As my body started to age, I was trying to do things to help. This included drinking my own urine over a year period off and on. I probably acidified my body even more…

50:06 – Unknown – Case Review

01:06:00 – Chad - I'm wondering in your opinion why The Japanese for example have the 2nd longest average lifespans ahead of Canada . Now granted they might only live 4 or 5 years longer than the average American and we all know the average American isn't necessarily very healthy, BUT they do seem to have less health issues at least from what Ive read and am told.

01:11:35 – A’oi – What are your thoughts on sun gazing to activate the pineal gland? What are the best ways to open up the third eye?

01:16:12 – Kingfisher 86 – Can anyone tell me why my ocd/anxiety increases when I eat bananas?

Comments (2)

Nick on March 12, 2015

You know most doctors in the main stream medical profession can not see the forest because their egos are in the way.In other words ordering all kinds of toxic,acid causing tests for symptoms caused by acidosis. They better wake up, if they really want to help people heal.

Sylvia on March 05, 2015


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