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Q&A 299 - Teeth, Polycystic Syndrome, Anxiety

Mar 04, 2015 - 1 comment

02:13 – Arnold Layne - %^&* off Robert

03:14 – Todd – Eyes Dr. Morse’s had requested to view.

07:27 – Joseph - I'm having a difficult time feeling physically and emotionally balanced fully raw because of the availability of fruit (only bananas, apples, citrus, and frozen berries) plus my teeth are so demineralized (see photo attached) that I can't eat anything without blending and drinking it (I am taking superfood blend and a kelp supplement, rinsing with bicarbonate, brushing with coconut oil and bicarbonate, and trying to incorporate greens but everything is so painful to chew). I have been doing this for three months (95% fruit 5% greens) and I'm halfway through kidney and adrenal tonic, drinking heal all tea here and there, and I am filtering modestly. Right now I want to clean all of my glands and bowels. Can I do this on raw til 4 if I'm only eating vegetables, and not potatoes? What about sweet potatoes? Are there any vegetables to stay away from (starchy?) I feel like I might need some more time to transition because I jumped right into all fruit out of fear of the toxins inside me. A couple people on my dad's side of our family had appendicitis and that is my biggest fear which led me to detox. But on the bright side, I have been feeling some pains in that area which I believe are the acids being pulled out.

20:08 – Michael – Dr. Morse often gets excited and enthusiastic while he’s talking and he either talks faster or skips around a lot ☺ Maybe Dr. M can play with slowing down when he gets more excited and/or more enthusiastic!

23:18 – Raphae - My daughter, 44 yo, mother of 3, the last is 16 yo, was diagnosed with the above condition and I have been researching online and I observed that this is a part of the endocrine system. Will your endocrine balance help her? or do you recommend another one of your products that would be more effective. along with proper diet and exercise? Thank you for your response ASAP I am currently relocated to Kingston Jamaica with this daughter.

30:40 – Vinny – The lady the other day with the GI trouble. How can you just tell her to hit it hard without actual hospital diagnostic testing? Not confront, just very curious.

42;47 – Paul - Message: Got off coffee, did grapes 2 days straight, on day two 3 p.m. experienced huge energy crash; had to force myself to go out to buy more grapes in 10 degree weather. Went into dunkin donuts to half enuf energy to make it to fruit store, figured donut/cofee better than chinese food (carbs) too noisy/kids. Ended up buying more grapes and melons. What is going on physiologically?

47:22 – Bob – Doc, you said popping a pimple is 75 percent lymph fluid. Is this accurate? Scientifically it is pus. Can we be exact.

50:10 – Yumiko - I have a muddy (brownish) tint to the sclera of my eyes and it's worried me for a while. I have no idea how it got that way. I'm a vegetarian and eat pretty healthy, but I have had insomnia/anxiety for a while and drink coffee every morning. I see a lot of info online about yellow sclera's, but not much on the brownish tint. What causes that and how I get my sclera bright white again? Thanks.

58:57 – Carl - Hi Robert, thank you for all of your wonderful videos! I was recently told I have a stomach ulcer (seen through an endoscopy). I have been going through stomach discomfort, major bloating/belching, and a white coating on my tongue that fits the description of a yeast/candida overgrowth. About 2 years ago I took a round of antibiotics for a misdiagnosed sinus infection. Is there anything I can take or test to see if I have gut disbiosis or a yeast overgrowth. Any insight would be helpful.Thanks

01:09:45 - I am currently taking medication for anxiety (quetiapina 25mg and clonazepam 2mg), and for insomnia (midazolam 15mg flunitrazepam 2mg) and I'm very scared about what they are doing to my system. I feel sleepy, tired, dizzy and moody all day long. I'm trying to steer off meat and dairy products as well as incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I'm having trouble making my family understand the implications of food in my recovery so could you tell me if there are any standard medical tests (since they tell me it's all in my head and there's nothing wrong with me) that can prove what is wrong in my system. What can I do to get better? I'm willing to do whatever it takes, plus my goverment doesn't allow me to buy any kind of homeopatic medicine from abroad so I must rely only on food and local herbs.

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Sky Dimonds on March 14, 2015

For Joseph, re teeth, beyond rinsing with baking soda I bought a $2.00 sports mouth guard. I put dry baking soda in it and put it over my upper teeth. I leave there from 15 minutes to 1hr, specially after eating citrus. Has made a big difference in my teeth not being so sensitive. I read that this re calcifies. I had yrs of migraines with vomiting so teeth were weakened by stomach acids.

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