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Q&A 296 - Schizophrenia, Freckles, Nervous System

Feb 10, 2015 - 0 comments

01:09 – Thank you Kelly!!!

01:34 – Desray – Submitted Eyes Requested by Dr. Morse.

07:11 – Gregory – Can eating only fruits help in schizophrenia case? 21 year old patient is not compliant with anything (herbs), however if fruits could be the only option to eat in the house than this could be the only way to help.

17:57 – Véronique – Are freckles fungus like beauty spots are?

18:40 – Tania - 56 years old, K.O. nervous system, with a " black hole " instead of the suprarenal glands (in the iris), an elimination émonctorielle defective, fatigue chronicles, candidiasis, 2 years d raw food(supply) + juice, hyper intestinal permeability, urinary P.H. in 8, iridology with Thierry CASASNOVAS, I likes fruits but they allow the discount (delivery) in circulation toxin and me ré poisons (loss of hair), according to you, l food (supply) of Dr Natasha CAMPBELL could she (it) come to restore this front wall to return later on the vineyard?

22:09 – Go Germaine! Go!!!

23:17 – John – Dr, if you eat emat sandwhich and get pressureized head what is this also is the such a thing as too many herbs? i.e. all that power in the capsules can it be nauseating? Can you take too many? Like 30?

28:36 – Denise - Good morning too you all... I wanted to let you know that you are the most amazing man I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. There is absolutely nothing boring about any of the videos I have watched. And I have watched them all. The time and respect you give to the videos is so appreciated.
No one out there speaks so much truth, as far as I am concerned. I resonate with everything you say and have from the beginning of watching the first video. I love ya Doc.... Look forward to many more and I trust that you will be guided to do exactly what you are suppose to be doing.

31:54 – Chad - My name is Chad and Im from BC, Canada. I've recently stopped eating meat last fall and I am trying to eat as healthy as I can at the moment. Ive been eating LOTS of fruits everyday coconuts, berries, melons, BANANAS, etc etc, along with salads spinach, kale, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, and things such as almonds, cashews, seeds. Im wondering if you could tell me in your opinion what are some essential things I should be consuming regularly if I play basketball often 3x a week, weight lift 3x a week, and like to hike the big Coastal Mountains up here 1-2x a week. 2,000 to 5,000 foot mountains. Ive heard before that things such as alfalfa sprouts, wheatgrass, dandelion, parsley are great for athletes. As well I need to know what foods give me the stuff EVERYBODY says only meat can give me!

43:05 – Daaka Jewelry - Hello Dr. Morse. I just discovered you this week, and all of what you say makes sense. I've been using herbs for the past 3 years as a novice, learning as I go, and my go to Herbalist is Susun Weed. I recently I ran into an article of her's about herbal cleansing being harmful for your Liver. She doesn't believe in cleansing the body but nourishing it, which makes sense to me. So with respect to you and her I am confused. Would you speak about this in some way? I know you said you don't read because it throws you off but please try to read these two short articles to understand her standpoint. Hopefully you can address this so that I get a clearer picture. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK. You are an angel! -Aleisha The Articles: and

50:25 - dr morse, is there any relation between the liver and the adrenal glands?
I have five lots of nerve rings that fade in and out depending, naturally i am very tired a lot of the time i also had some liver issues in the past. gallstones at age 19 im now 20 and have done a few liver flushes, will it help my adrenals in the long run to improve liver health via careful occasional flushes?? thank you!!!!
my son too had the ghost of 2 nerve rings, inherited from me , he is only just over 1 but primarily lives on fruit.

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