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Q&A 283 - Glandulars, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Digestion Issues

Dec 08, 2014 - 0 comments
27:10 - Khaled – If glandulars are also derived from bovine sources, will there be a risk of creating a similar scenario? I’m not sure if my leaky gut is healed and so, if the glandular substances were to leak into my body, I wonder if I should wrroy. Could glandulars create an inflammatory autoimmune response for the reason I outlined above?

37:24 – Kris – Career information.

38:27 – Jon – I have a client who is just waiting for some lab test results back from this now and I wanted to see what sorts of detox protocols that Dr. Morse recommends for things such as gonorrhea, and chlamydia. I’d be curious to hear about what Morse suggests for syphilis as well. The client said to take Cipro because it covers the whole gamut UTI’s, chlamydia and gonorrhea but I know that’s a brutal option.

45:30 – Farnas - i am 29 years old women, living in austria. I began with raw food about one year ago because i wanted to cure my asthma. First I tried the 801010 diet but I could not digest that much fruit and mostly the bananas. I was bloted and gasi, my belly hurt after eating I had reflux. after I gained weight I went back to the normal raw food diet with some fat and green juices. i drank a lot of green juices and ate a lot of salats and after about 10 days I had no more asthma Symptome, which is very good, before that I took every day about 3 pills for asthma and used an inhalator. But aftereards I had my up and downs with the raw food. I had a lot of detox symptomes which was fine, but I felt not good at all, I had not more energy form the raw food. Nevertheless I was bloted and gasi with the raw food diet, after eating and being in the bathroom I could see what I ate, most of the time there was still a lot of indigestible food in my poo or stool.

01:03:56 – Hortencia - I found you today on the internet thru Kristina Carrillo Bucaram-website and how eating fruits and veggies changed her eye color. I have been eating healthy for a few years. Not vegen. Staying away from the color white, red meat not eating processed foods. Trying to eat as healthy as possible. I juice off and on but now after listening to your videos I am convinced that I need to be more faithful. About 20 yrs a Dr found what illness was attributing to my symtoms. Dry mouth, dry eyes, dry skin, inflamation of the organs etc. I suffered for 2 yrs. Doctors could not determine what was wrong with me. They said it was called Sjogren's Syndrome. I still struggle with the dryness in the eyes and inflamation. I have done a few detox programs. But, I cannot seem to get rid of the dryness of the eyes. I am having other things with my eyes, crusty eyes. The eye doctor says they are fine. He found a tiny cataract. No need to worry. I do not go to the restroom everyday. I feel I may not be eating enough? I have a smoothie for breakfast or I make a big glass of fresh juice. Eat fruit and salad for lunch- with shredded chicken or plain. Salad for dinner. I have always had trouble with constipation. Growing up drank alot of milk, pastas and flour products. What would you recommend that I start with?
01:17:07 – Bryan - I am soon taking stomach and bowel #2, and was wondering if going on a mono fruit island ( banana island more specificly) would cause any complications? figuring it would defeat the purpose of the mono fruit cleanse due to consumption of the herbs.

01:18:00 – Alin - Just wanted to share with you. As quickly as I found out. The FDA now seems to be wanting to ban the selling of raw coconut water and put out of business companies that sell coconut water that hasn't been pasteurized. Because it "could contain a major safety risk to the US public.". I am not an US resident. But, what on earth is going on with the US government? They also might not stop there, and proceed with attempting to ban the juice bars, that sell raw cold-pressed juices to people.

01:26:00 – Charlotte - My 5 year grandson has been experiencing acid reflux for the last 2 to 3 years. He does not eat vegetables well and eats a few fruits. Eats mostly chicken and small amount of vegetables. What can heal his gut? How does this happen to such a young child?

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