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Q&A 278 - Hernia, Abdominal Pain, Emotions, Obesity

Nov 06, 2014 - 0 comments
06:53 – My son’s hernia was spotted 4 days ago. It’s at the end of his stomach, two small lumps, one on each side. He now wears a two sided belt after visiting the family physician. He is very skinny, thin skin and hair, has Kyphoscoliosis. What can I give him for his hernia? Also food wise?

22:15 – Bryan – I experience abdominal pain whenever I run longer than 1-=15 minutes and I usually have to stop right then and there. Its like I can feel the food knocking back and forth inside me.

28:06 - I've studied nutrition and herbalism for a while now and I finally realized my healing has stopped due to emotions. It's a deep emotion locked inside me and I have no idea how to resolve it. I have nightmares almost every night and I wake up having panic attacks… A neurologist rang a bell in my ear and told me I'm fine which is quackery. These symptoms flare when I'm exposed to chemicals and allergies. My entire tongue is always white even after years of cleansing and herbs. I think I can't heal because of the emotions.

37:49 – Brianna - My names Brianna and i am 17 years old, I have asked dr. morse questions before and every time he has been extremely helpful and I'm so thankful for his generosity and advice. I was fruitarian for over a year, and when i went to my dentist for a yearly checkup he was horrified. Most of the enamel on my teeth was completely gone, i had to get over 3000 dollars in work done, and it was very traumatic. I went off most of the fruit after that for a while because the acid in it i truly believe was rotting my teeth…

51:20 – Natalie - I am 22 years old and I suffer from obesity and severe acne breakouts. I have been overweight all my life. My weight fluctuates 225 lbs 5'3 I am a food addict, my God is food I wake up thinking about food go to sleep thinking about food. I don't want to think like this anymore I am currently on Phetermine 15mg as recently prescribed by my doctor. It seems to chill me out about food. I'm not so focused on my hunger that much anymore since starting Phetermine last week. I can eat 1 or 2 meals for the day and be satisfied. I like the control that the drug gives me. However I don't want to depend on a drug forever. After all this drug is an appetite "suppressant" and learning from your videos, anything that suppresses is bad. I sure don't want my appetite to come back afterwards. My question is how can I suppress or lose my appetite naturally? Maintain the weight that I've lost? And stop my face from breaking out. I want to do good to my body, but I need help.

01:06:51 – Joseph – How can you prevent appendicitis? I have heard that squatting instead of sitting on the toilet protects the appendix. Is this true? What about dietary factors? Is there a 100% sure way of prevention?

01:10:04 – Diane - 1. Which of the formulas best applies our frail, 80 year old, Mom? 2. Mom experiences extreme burning of her mouth and tongue with just about everything, but fruits are the worst. What do you recommend as far as her diet? 3. Any other recommendations?

01:18:25 – James - I have had insomnia for about 4 years now and is now progressively getting worse.. Im really in need of help, i cant think properly in the day and have become depressed and suffer from extreme anxiety, The main problem is sleeping im awaking in the night between 5-20 times and need to urinate in the night at least 4-8 times... Apart from this i have itchy flaky skin around my eyes and lymphomas every were,, i have being 70% raw for around 6 months, and vegan for 2 years...

01:24:07 – Mary - I have been on the fruit diet for several months now, and many people told me that I would experience dental problems. At first I did not believe them because of the faith I had in this diet to heal me, but now much of my enamel is gone and my teeth are discolored with white spots. I started supplementing with liquid minerals and silica along with switching to a cooked vegan diet, and my teeth color have dramatically improved with no more damage. Dr. Morse, I truly believe this diet can clean out a body, but it is ruining my teeth. How can I be on a fruitarian diet without it a dental disaster? I don't want to have to supplement a anything.

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