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Q&A 282 - Acne, Huntington Disease, Fecal Micro Trasplant

Nov 24, 2014 - 1 comment
01:15 - Alexandra - I am in desperate need of your help. I am losing hope as my acne is getting worse and worse everyday. I am a 20 year old woman and I have been following the 80/10/10 diet or more so the ratio (meaning I add cooked low fat high carb foods into my diet as well, not just fruit) for about 2 years now. At the beginning of this diet my skin that had once been full of acne became flawless but after about a years the acne slowly began to come back (very little) . I decides to get off my birth control asks my skin has went downhill from there'. I began getting acne on parts of my face I've never even had a pimple/cyst such as my cheeks , along and in my eyebrows and then the forehead and chin which was normal. I have recently switched my diet to fully raw, with mostly fruits and vegetables at night. I also did a mono cleanse of bananas for about 10 days but was feeling very dehydrated. Probably a better idea to mono cleanse on water rich fruits such as watermelon but they are hard to find at this time of year. I have learned from watching your videos that skin issues all come back to kidneys. I was wondering if going off the pill has triggered this acne also? You are such a great man helping all the people you do and I trust I can heal myself with your guidance. Thank you. Much appreciated.

16:17 - Monique - I want to sincerely ask you if you research new ideas that come your way because I've now spoken to over 20 people who have had fecal micro transplant therapy who have reversed conditions such as MS, depression & obesity. We all know now that it saves the lives of those who get the C.diff infection.

26:10 - Brianna - This is 17 year old Brianna updating you on my situation. I ordered the stomach and bowel 4, endocrine glands, kidney bladder 1, lymphatic 4 and 5, upper circulation, adrenal glands, brain/nerve, thyroid/thymus, parasite g, pituitary ,the parathyroid glandular, and pancreas. I sent Jen a picture of my eyes but i havn't heard back yet, but when i do I'm hoping I made the right choice in formulas. my question is about glandulars. How to they aid in the detoxification process. Since they are animal products, aren't they mucus/acid forming? Also the Parathyroid glandular formula has calcium and vitamin d in it, which is questionable because i thought it was not good to take isolated nutrients? Could you please explain?

35:43- Beatrice – Do you know how to heal Huntington disease, it seems there is nothing that works and that nobody could heal from this terrible disease.

36:46 - Pedram - I'm a 20 year old college student. I've hopped on the raw food bandwagon recently and have always been interested in nutrition. I have recently started giving nutrition lectures in churches and have been spreading your teachings! Anyway my mom has been on a thyroid medication for her hypothyroid for a very longtime and wants to slowly get off. What is the safest way for her to do this? I told her to grape fast and take and endocrine gland formula to strengthen her adrenals and kidneys, but she has to hear the advice from you. She also has rosacea and pain in her knees when standing for long periods of time. Thanks so much for taking your time to read this and God Bless You!

43:59- Christine - Please do more videos on spirituality and talk more about the universe/different levels of heaven. Dr. Morse, why are we here? Why are souls coming here or why is the planet created for incoming souls? I know you touched on this question in fragments but can you directly tell me/us?

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Paul & Andrew Miler on July 02, 2015

Hi Dr. Morse,
As usual, this was a great video. My wife’s 3rd cousin was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease when she was 17. She is now 25, and not doing well. Because of the usual skepticism about introducing any “alternative” treatments to her and her family, I have hesitated to introduce your program. My wife mentioned that it would be instructive to make a video on a patient’s recovery from start to finish, no matter what their problem was. The more extreme the better. I think this might be very strong proof as to your results.
My wife and I visited you last week, and we luckily happened to meet you while we were there. I will be sending my eye pictures to you soon for a work up.
Thanks so much for what you are doing,
Paul & Andrea

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