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Questions & Answers 276- Bowels, Umbilical Cord Hernia, Bald Spots

Oct 27, 2014 - 0 comments
14:18 – Andreas – Can ballooning and pocketing of the bowels be reversed? Organic Vs. Inorganic minerals? I’ve studied your book and know that you suggest using nuts ans seeds sparingly when detoxing. How cautious should we be with nuts, seeds, beans which are sprouted? Arnold Ehret, and a friend with Colitis.

38:33 – Brittany - I recently was watching your YouTube video and I was very intrigued with this theory of when eating raw foods your eye color changes. Now I understand that this theory doesn't work for everyone but only the people with pigment melanin on the iris. So I was wondering if could send a photo of my eyes and if you would be able to tell me if my eye has pigment melanin on the iris, and if going on raw food diet my eyes would change colors.

41:10 – Davee - My question for Dr M is that she has what I believe to be an Umbilical Cord Hernia protruding from her tummy.....bout a 1/2 inch outward and soft to the touch

50:13 – Ting - I have had chronic acne starting from age 17. My sister has the same issue. Now I am 29 years old. I still have very bad acne. In addition, I developed chronic eczema four years ago. It was extremely miserable experience. I have eczema all over my body, and the condition on my face and hands are the worst. My husband and I are trying to have a baby. But I have irregular menstrual cycle and I am not sure if I ovulate normally or not. Is this a good time to detox? Or is this a good time to try to conceive? Is there any side effect on conceiving if I take your herbs? Do I need to take prenatal vitamins?

01:08:00 – Fazza - I remember watching a video where you were talking about your son experiencing bald spots because of his work hat. I'm incredibly curious about this. How could a hat cause this? When you press on the skin, you force the blood out of the capillaries and the skin turns white. Could the same thing be happening when wearing tight hats, resulting in less blood for the hair follicles.

01:11:44 – Julia - have an interesting question for you...
I'm a jeweler and noticed that when I wear sterling silver necklaces my skin goes black under the necklace. This used to happen within 10 or so minutes. I assumed this was because my skin was alkaline (I've always eaten a lot of vegetables/raw). When I got my very unhealthy assistant (she eats junk food and energy drinks all day) to wear it, she didn't get a black mark.

01:25:44 – Claudia - Good afternoon, Dr. Morse. I am extremely fond of your videos and would like to say thank you so much for all the knowledge you share. About two years ago I started living in an apartment during which all I ate was cereal, PB&Js, chocolate, rice, processed meats and often drank coffee and alcohol. After a couple of months of living this way I started to develop acne which was unusual for me. I panicked and went to a dermatologist who had me put on antibiotics. I eventually got off the antibiotics because I did not feel like they were helping very much and I also did not want to depend on them. I started eating gluten free and minimized my protein intake and a lot of my acne has gone away...however my face often gets red very easily and recently it has gotten extremely flakey to the point that it looks like face dandruff. It is not itchy but it makes my face look very old and I am not sure what could have triggered this. It has been this way for the past two months and I've gone to a naturopath who has given me herbs for the stomach as well as for the nervous system but I am not quite sure it is working. Your opinion on this matter would be greatly appreciated

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