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Q&A 267 - Gout, Ovarian Cysts, Ebola, Benzodiazepines, Lung Cancer

Sep 04, 2014 - 0 comments
01:21 - Lori (husband Bob)- Bob had gout and arthritis really bad. 22 months ago went vegan and the gout went away and there was some improvement in the arthritis, but not a lot. After going all fruit for 12 days, he is pain free for the first time in 15 years!

03:34 – 26-year-old ton of skin manifestation. All HPV related. Having a hard time getting tested by MD’s. I’ve been eating fruit for a couple months. Cheated with organic non-GMO stuff like beans.

07:22 – Lenka – I am 27-years-old and I live in Czech Republic. I have been dealing with ovarian cysts and endometriosis for almost 3 years and I can not get rid of it. I had my forst operation in May 2012 during which doctors removed 8cm ovarian cyst on the right side together with the fallopian tube. My second operation was in October 2013 when they removed 8cm ovarian cyst on each side and checked that my second fallopian tube should work.

25:40 – Karyn – Am wondering if Dr. Morse has addresses (or will address) the Ebola virus that is currently raging in Africa and on our doorsteps?

34:43 – Bruce – I am 43 days off benzodiazepines. I am looking for help to recover as rapidly as possible. Can you help?

36:00 – Babita – I am an ardent fan, believer and follower of your theory for years. My 75-year-old mother has been diagnosed with stage 4-lung cancer. She has had three chemo sessions, and cannot tolerate any more. Can something be done?

41:48 – Billy - whats good for it....... my name is billy im 65 ive active my whole life even been going to the gym for the last 10 years I had recently lost 25 lbs down to 195 lbs I used to be o bp meds and chorlestral meds but about 8 months ago started taking apple cider vinager cayenne pepper and garlic capluses that helped my bp but off and on for the last 6 months ive had atrail fib sometimes with rapid heartbeats up to 200 sometimes I also that magnessum and co Q 10 thank you for your help also whats good for sleep

45:12 – Kosta - Dear Dr Robert ,Im a GREEK 40 years old living in Australia and i tried prof Ehrets diet/ lifestyle in 2009 while i was exercising weight
training i lost alot of weight got alot of criticism and so i only lasted 9 months. I gave up all Meat products for 2 years but my chinese doctor said i had to eat a fist full every two weeks because for 37 yrs of my life i was a meat eater and that my parents are meat eaters and that is was detrimental to my cells if i didn't eat a portion of red meat every so often.I follow my religion's fasting time where i eat a vegan diet wed/fri and 110 other days of the year.I Truly believe we are
frugivores ive watched your youtube clips am currently seeing a
intergrative wholistic nutritional doctor Feeling awesome after doing his
program but everything you say on you tube makes a lot of sense please
tell me what i can do for Optimum health and to Re Grow my hair Cos Im

50:12 – Kendall - Hello DR. Morse, my question is about kidney filtration and water intake. Why is it when i go long periods of time without water, my urine looks darker and seems to filter better? Also when i drink to much water my urine becomes clear and doesn't seem to have very much of anything in it. I was wondering if drinking to much liquid impairs kidney filtration. i also noticed a lot of kidney herbs are diuretics, why is that? I've been playing around with the idea of dry fasting and it's possible benefits, and the idea of freeing up the kidneys job of removing water all day. Do you have any opinion on how much liquid one should consume, and if not drinking water till your thirsty is ok. thanks, your a wonderful person

58:13 – Guillaume - I need help , I'm a 28 years old naturopathy student , from Quebec Canada . I went raw about 5 weeks ago , lost a lot of weight and I have dark undereyes. I'm tired all the time even though I am consuming a lot of very good organic fruits and veggies , and even though I am on adrenal glanulars/rholioda/schisandra/ashwaganda­/dandelion/hushouwu (I work in a health store distribution so I have all supplements at cost) . I even juice a big bunch of dark local organic parsley with 4 apples every morning and my urine doesnt show any sediment . I'm also urinating quite frequently sometimes 2-3 times an hour and the urine is often clear. Though it sometimes is pretty yellow…

01:15:20 – Dennis – What should I get to help my Adrenals out? I have a Thyroid issue.

01:18:55 – Mae - I got herpes (Type 2) from my boyfriend who knew he had it and didn't tell me. So I have been living with it for the last 5 years. Me and my boyfriend are no longer together and it is tearing me apart. I am in love with someone that doesn't have it and I am scared out of my mind to tell him. We are not sleeping together but I am terrified to tell him.

01:23:40 – Serah – Regarding the Parasite G and Parasite M; do either of them treat giardia, blastocystis hominis and H Pylori? Thanks for your help!

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