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Q&A 240 - Blood Cancer, Vision, Diabetes, Lyme Disease

Mar 25, 2014 - 0 comments
03:13 - Lasha -- On the one hand I am told that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. On the other hand I am told that blood is always alkaline or you will die. Could you please explain blood cancer to me?

16:43 - James -- I have a question regarding vision. It's not exactly my eyes, but my visual cortex in the brain or something - not sure exactly. It started after doing a few psychedelics then my altered vision came about a few months after and got worse over time. I see heaps of floaters in both of my eyes all the time. When I look at something bright and I blink, I can see the image on the wall. If it's really bright it can last up to 1-2 minutes occurring more when I blink. I see heaps of static or little dots at nighttime; very bad foggy brain. It feels so congested along with very red eye veins that are there all the time.

22:07 - Simple Life -- I had cured myself of type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, and sleep apnea, but I still suffer from high astigmatism in my left eye. Can you recommend anything? Diet or treatments?

23:53 - Gina - It has been two months since the involuntary hospital experience. This is it in summary: the morning after I was first taken, they wheeled me down to the pediatric surgery and the surgeon and other doctors were present. I was told by him that my leg would have to be amputated most likely, as the tumor was wrapped around a blood vessel (it was 12 centimeters in length, although the surgeon cut a foot long incision) as shown in the CAT scan they took but never disclosed to me. Also, I did not have any metastasis. After expressing he never had taken a patient without their consent before me, he expressed that I would have to undergo chemotherapy and he would put the port in my chest. He said to not follow up the surgery with chemotherapy and radiation (which are not proven to help the survival rate for people with this type of tumor) would be suicidal. I was then put to sleep, and woke up, with both legs still attached and the chemo port in place. By the merciful nature of great souls in my life and forces I don't understand, the pathology report said that there was no evidence of "cancerous cells" in the surrounding tissue. I don't have the genetic mutation ninety percent of people have with this. I was told that the whole gastrocnemius muscle was removed, but the OR reports were not disclosed to me. I can now walk, although I wasn't initially sure if I would be able to. Also, the port was removed after much difficulty. I am very thankful.

41:41 - Joe - My name is Joe and you've been a real light to me in my times of trouble, thank you for always giving hope and love to people, it's a real blessing. I have been listening to your videos and currently I am going all raw. I also ordered Kidney & Bladder 1, Lymphatic system 3, parasite G, parasite M, GI Broom, Stomach & Bowels 2, Upper Circulation, and Adrenal Glands. I am a 24 year-old male and for the last 5 months have been battling an illness. I was continually getting strep throat when I was 23, until I had to take my tonsils out in the middle of the year. Now I very very much regret this. Everything seemed fine after the surgery for 3 months. I was in great health... until, I had a stressful life experience and I was very anxious and stressed out for two weeks (this was 6 months ago). When the situation resolved I was very happy, until a week later I noticed my stomach was very bloated and distended, and still is to this day. After a month of bloating and loose stool, I developed extreme fatigue, eye floaters, hair falling out, brain fog, memory loss, skin nodules, and huge bags under my eyes. I look very ill and unhealthy and it is truly sad. I have been to plenty of GI doctors even at the University of Chicago, where they found no signs of inflammatory bowel disease through colonoscopy or endoscopy. But, I do have chronic gastritis they found in my stomach. I also went to Northwestern to see a retina specialist as well as an ophthalmologist who saw nothing wrong with my eyes at all, and stated its normal to have eye floaters if you are nearsighted? What herbs do you suggest?

56:20- Sarah - After 15 years of being ill I finally tested positive for Lyme disease. I have been left financially, mentally, emotionally drained and am still very ill. I have watched the videos on this but have some questions. I am currently using the natural approach to treating Lyme called the Cowden protocol (and except for the alcohol content I believe it is a very good system except for the support of lymph, kidneys, bowel, endocrine, etc.). I have found I am very sensitive to the alcohol added to products. May I ask the simple method of burning this off?

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