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Questions & Answers 238 - Periodontal Pockets, Kidney Tumor, Herbs, Depression

Mar 18, 2014 - 0 comments
3:32 - Madeleine -- Some very good news from my dentist this week! 6 months ago, the dental hygienist measured periodontal pockets (which are not supposed to be greater that 3mm) in my mouth, some of which were 4mm and 5mm, although many were 3mm. Monday of this week when I went for my cleaning, the hygienist was elated to find that there were no 4mm or 5 mm anywhere in my mouth, only one "deep 3mm" which they're going to watch.

8:40- Yeni - My mother's friend, she is 73 years old, has been diagnosed for a tumor in her kidney. She has blood in her pee. What is the most important thing that she needs to do? Is it possible to get rid of the tumor naturally? What should be the protocol? I would suggest her to eat raw fruits and vegetables only, but mainly fruits and take the herbs kidney bladder and lymphatic formula, heal all tea, and what else am I missing? Should she exercise while doing all these herbs and raw food? I know that sauna would definitely help, right? Note: she used to have breast cancer but it has been removed and she went through chemotherapy.

16:10 - Abhz - Hey Dr. Morse I hope you are well. I was wondering if you could tell me what you do in my situation. I currently have a lot of redness on my face from my doctor prescribing me benzyl peroxide around 2 years ago to treat my acne. Due to this I have some visible broken blood vessels on my cheek as well as persistent redness (inflammation). I am currently on the raw and have been for about 2 months as well as your herbs. I went to a dermatologist to see what could be done and he suggested of course a v beam laser to try and treat this redness. I for one don't want to go down this laser route but I am wandering what you would recommend. Can my problem be solved naturally or do you think I should go for this laser to treat my problem?

19:10 - Ali -- I wanted to understand why herbs work in the body...In general... What is it inside of them from a chemistry point of view? Is it just very high magnetics that Dr. Morse talks about? Why are they not seen as external hormones and for the body's glands to stop making its hormones like cortisone, etc... What makes glandulars different? I wanted to understand in general how and why glandulars work to help rebuild glands?

25:36 - Joanie - My cousin is suffering from serious depression and anxiety and I was wondering how long it would take to heal him on average? As he's in a bad way and time is of the essence :( Would he be best to go on a straight grape juice fast? Or would this further unbalance his emotions? He's just started pharmaceuticals (unfortunately). Can I treat him along side these meds?

30:42 - Jeshua - I'm currently breastfeeding my son who is 1 1/2. I have purchased the fab four and GI broom as well as adrenal blend. While pregnant I found out I have HPV. What do you recommend while breastfeeding? Thanks!

32:55 - Lonut - I have an 8 days old new born baby. Some doctors recommended me to administer vitamin D3 drops starting at two weeks. Should I proceed with this recommendation? Is it necessary for a newborn to take these vitamins for a year or more as the doctors say? Can the mother eat something that would supplement the breast milk with this vitamin for a more natural source?

35:13 - Samantha - I am a member of your Facebook page and there are a lot of helpful people there that have helped. However, I have been watching a couple of older videos that you have done and you mention that so many people on the Facebook site are finding there remedy by following your protocols. I have found that still quite a lot of people are still struggling even after doing your program for a period of time and I was wondering if you knew the reasons for this? Are they doing something wrong because it just seems to me that even after the program not everyone finds their remedy? I would also like to ask you as to whether you have ever thought about creating two different types of herbal formulas? What I mean by this is a cheaper variety of the current herbs that you make. I am someone that doesn't have a lot of money and, I am sure that many other people like myself would benefit from a budgeted version of the herbs. I would also like to know whether you can direct me to any testimonies of the work that you have been involved in. Is there a website that you have or are they located elsewhere on the Internet? Finally, I suffer from osteoporosis and have done for the last 2 years. I also have had some stretch marks for a very long time. I have been to countless doctors for both conditions and they have all mentioned they can't help me.

55:13 - Kina - What is lymph? How is it produced? I've read it's also filtered through the heart - is this accurate? About B12... can you explain what exactly B12 is, how does the body use it, or produce it itself? Nuts - I really get it. Fruits berries and melons are the real foods, no supplements, and no enzymes

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