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Questions & Answers 217 - High Blood Pressure, Strange Sensations, Mercury

Jan 10, 2014 - 0 comments
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15:55 -- Gordana -- 65-year-old from Belgrade. I am not healthy. High blood pressure, eye pressure much pain in the kidneys and throughout my body. I haven't visited a doctor in the last 20 years because I thought that if I myself cannot help myself, medications certainly will not. Although I do take medications for my high blood pressure which were prescribed to me years ago. I always hoped that I would somehow fix my health with yoga and diet but as you see, I have never succeeded.

28:29 -- Katie -- I was hoping you would give me some advice as over a year ago I started having a strange sensation on my lower front leg. (like it had a sticker going down the front of it.) I never thought to much of it, then I started with pins and needles in my left arm and started to get red spots all over my toes! Since then, I started with the following symptoms: Muscle twitches/flutters, Facial spasms/eye twitches, Aches/pains, Ear problems, Anxiety/depression, Indigestion, Clicky bones, Sore breasts, spots on face and chest, Cyst on left ovary, and Lymph glands in between legs.

36:05 -- Tiffany -- Over the last two years I have been battling this poison in my body, Mercury. I had mild symptoms at first, but since amalgam removal the mercury has escaped from my organs causing me excruciating despair, and also neurological damage. I am to the point where it takes too much energy to even talk.

44:01 -- FlyingWithHorsesUK -- Joseph, the magnificent white Unicorn. Addressed in Q&A 216 at1:46:22.

46:33 -- Scott -- I have a friend that donated a right kidney to an older sister. As much as I don't like the idea of donating, it happens. I just want to know, what do you think is a good diet and lifestyle for someone that is now working with one kidney and adrenal? This person loves to lift weights and exercise. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a big difference in energy level.

52:02 -- Monique -- I think I am currently experiencing a complete paradigm shift. It's suddenly as if I am seeing the world in a completely new light and what's mostly evident is that I can no longer separate emotion, mind & body.

1:10:07 -- Leo -- About 2 and a half years ago I did a black walnut hull cleanse and had a severe skin reaction on the rear of my left ear and part of my neck. I stopped immediately after 3 weeks of the program. I started juicing thinking it would be a more slow way of detoxing my body and now I have the same skin breakout in on my groin area, ankles and legs. They come for about two to three weeks and then go. Then they show up somewhere else in my body.

1:14:36 -- Gwen -- Update on some progress. I recently moved up to using the GI Broom. Because I have experienced so much difficulty with bloating and pain, I used only half the recommended amount of GI Broom on the first night and added it to freshly blended grapes. I increased the amount to three-quarters of a tablespoon, then to one full tablespoon. I'm using it regularly at night before I go to sleep. See attached photo.

1:20:17 -- Emily -- What causes peri-orbital darkening around the eyes? It began when I was 6-7 when my grandmother said to my mom that it looks like I had yellow eyeliner drawn around my eyes. I remember I would have a runny nose when I was younger and was in the children's hospital and finally I ended up getting demazin. Years went by when I got into my into my 20's, it became yellow ring on the skin around my eyes and now in my 30's, it's brown like I've applied eye shadow.

1:24:12 - Hello message from Patricia.

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