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Sep 06, 2013 - 2 comments
Welcome Message

01:29 -- Question From Gary.
- Father diagnosed with Parkinson's
- 78 Years old
- Issued anti viral and Dopamine medications
- On Statins for family heart disease
- Severe dry eyes
- Sleep Apnea
- Psoriasis on the neck & face
- Dandruff
- Depression
- Physical/Speech therapy

11:34 -- Question from Mark
- Heard you say avoid Acidic fruits for people who have Arthritis. Why would you do that?
- When the body metabolizes the acidic fruit isn't the net result Alkalizing.
- What exactly does acidic fruits do?
- Mom has severe arthritis in her knees. Giving her Grapefruit in the morning and wondering if that is damaging.

14:14 -- Message from Scott
-It Worked!!!

16:05 -- Question from Irene
- Brother with Hepatitis B and in critical condition.
- What can she do to improve his situation?
- Had Gallbladder removed two months ago.
- Can hardly hold solid foods down.
- Very nauseated
- Can not sleep
- Retaining water in his stomach and legs
- Does not urinate correct amounts
- Very weak
- Doctor put him on medication/Got so weak, had to be hospitalized
- Became disoriented/Does not recognize his wife
- Concerned his condition will get worse

27:50 -- Question from Michael from Japan
- Formula Talk
- Dokudamj
- Has Lymphatic clogging, weak Bowels, Kidneys, and Adrenals
- Has had 3 Kidney stones
- Father has had 67 Kidney stones
- Sometimes cheats on diet.
- Right Kidney filtering, not sure if Left Kidney is

38:26 -- Question from Krista
- After Detox
- Explain Detoxifying
- When you say you are done, can you go back to any diet
- With the problems come back or come back as something different?

43:23 -- Question from Micha
- Has pressing question and would like advice
- Has one large Uterine Fibroid for years now
- Currently about 9cm big
- Was surgically removed 3 years ago, but now it's back
- Working on cleaning up diet
- Adrenal Fatigue
- Severe Anemia due to blood loss during cycle
- Gum issues
- Hair loss
- Has had two blood transfusions

55:59 -- Question from Lightship
- Mom just diagnosed with Mesothelioma
- Worked in factory for 27 years
- Can family members get this from being on her clothes

1:04:43 -- Denise
- Lives in Australia
- Trying to watch all videos
- Thank you

1:05:00 -- So proud of you guys!!!

1:06:07 -- Question from Miss C
- Family friend had routine operation at a few months old
- Spitting up Milk
- Gave the baby to much Anesthesia
- Became Brain Damaged
- Bound to Wheelchair
- Can only talk using a machine
- Requires help with everything
- He's now 40

1:11:44 -- Question from Arm Wrestler
- Has weak Heart
- Some genetic history, nothing major
- Used Anabolic Steroids
- Started feeling stiff
- Heart palpitations
- Taking CoQ 10 with Hawthorn Berries
- Any advice to fix this

1:15:41 -- Thank you for watching! Good-bye message.

Comments (2)

Cindy on February 26, 2015

Hi Dr. Robert.
I hope this message gets to you! I am 23 years old. I hope god reward you for all your good intentions.
I have two questions for you. i have not had any health problems in the past before. I don’t even catch a cold. Despite the fact that I live in a cold temperature six months a year. i have been told recently that I have endometrioses. One on one ovary and the other on the other ovary. I do experience pain during my menstrual days. The pain lasts about two days. It was worse before, but much better after my diet program. Number one, what is the best course of method in dealing with endometrioses?
Secondly, I am looking to conceive. In the past two years nothing has happen yet. Is there any advice you can give to help me through this journey. If you can reply back by YouTube or even email, I would sincerely appreciated.
Thank you,

Cindy on February 26, 2015

Hi Doctor Robert

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