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Q&A - 363- Facebook, Sediment, Protein, Elimination Process

Jun 10, 2016 - 2 comments
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1:36 – Facebook comments.

17:08 – Johan – I’m wondering if you can talk a little more about the big thing that’s coming + my feeling about wanting to break the system.

27:27 – Beatrice – I just wanted ti thank you for your personal answer to our YouTube questions about my daughter Ocean’s skin issue.

35:31 – Monica – Has anyone studied the chemical makeup of sediment in the urine from people who are filtering versus those who aren’t…extensively and comparatively?

39:12 – Stefan – What do you think of the fast stage (insulin kick) from your melons and grapes? What’s your protein source? How do I get protein if I’m working out at the gym? What about cold food?

53:40 – Response to Mummufucca’s email.

1:14:13 – Kim – “I wanted to find out when I can start with the fruit, I am giving him banana and melon as juice, but he is on a standard formula. His little feet feel damp and sweaty, what can I do? I would live to get him off a formula, I am not able to breast feed, I am trying…

1:22:33 – Patrice – “A question came to mind to ask if Dr. Morse has explained or can explain the bodies elimination process and is there a specific time when you should not consume food for the elimination process to complete it's course.”

1:29:28 – Edith – “I’ve been following your protocol... fruits mostly and veggies/salads aswell. I literally have the cleanest diet, mostly raw/vegan and fruits but i do not see a difference with my hair loss.  I have 80 percent gone on my scalp. I know you mentioned that hair loss is pretty easy to cure but for me its been a nightmare to cure. Ive been on this diet for months and still nothing.”

1:37:43 – Sim –“ Dear Mr Morse,Thanks for all you've done for suffering people. I'm 25 years old and last year I took Accutane. Since that I started becoming sad for no reasons but not depressed. Then, I made intellectual and physical efforts during 2 months to enter a big school. I was under a chronic stress and one day severe and chronic insomnia appeared. My body doesn't feel drowsiness anymore and I could stay awake several days without sleeping at least one minute. Since I'm under antidepressants.”

1:42:41 – Teslim – “Hi, Dr Morse. On a number of videos you spoke about acidosis being the main cause of hair loss in both men and women. My question is what do you think about the theory that genetic baldness is caused by dihydrotesterone a male hormone testosterone. Also, you've mentioned growing hair on bowling balls. Well, how many of them reverted to a full head of hair and not just a few sprouts here and there. How long did it take to see sprouts of new hair?”

1:50:11 – Bob – “I've been watching the YouTube and learned a lot.  I quit smoking a month ago, but I'm still having severe breathing problems and I think it might be fungal.  I can't afford the full 2 week kit, but I'd really like to take something to keep me safe as I change my diet so drastically. I had my gall bladder out years ago, they rushed surgery saying I had pancreantitis, after losing a lot of weight by a healthy-ish diet.  After the surgery I fell back to old ways.  I don't wanna die before I'm 40.”

1:58:02 – Unknown – “3 months ago I went to an Ophthalmologist in Barcelona to remove the brown pigment on my iris because I wanted to have blue eyes. Now that all the pigment on my eye is removed I am more light sensitive and feel pressure on my eyes. What can I do about it?”

Comments (2)

Lynn O'Hara on June 15, 2016

I would like to know why tomatoes cooked are bad? My family is Italian and they love sauce!

Nick on June 12, 2016

The only real thing that matters is positive results and Dr. Robert Morse gets positive results and helps people truly get well.. The typical medical QUACK gets negative results and heals no one. All these idiots touting lies and garbage about Dr. Morse and his teachings like this Justin and or Dustin CLOWN is pathetic.

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