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Q&A 360 - Bedridden, Penile Fracture, Kidney Filtration, Pterygius

May 02, 2016 - 0 comments
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4:33 – Maheseh – “Every now and then I have awakened to a deeper meaning of “Do nothing and accomplish everything” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. So now it is crystal clear the you, me and this whole creation are for the THE ONE AND ONLY-THE SIGULAR WITNESS to have ITS OWN SELF-REFERRAL experience.”

7:07 – Writing on behalf of Alison. She’s 32, lives in the UK and is seriously ill and predominantly bedridden with an acquired neurological disease.

26:04 – Thomas – I’ve had a plathore of health problems over the years, especially for a 22-year-old. Most pressing at this time are severe depression & anxiety, testosterone deficiency, penile fracture, crushed T12 spine from powerlifting, repeated dental, decay, breaking teeth…”

40:47 – Mike – With hydroponics an aeroponics I am curious if you have any ideas on how the plants get their carbon to build their structures? There is no carbon in mineral water.

46:15 – Rajy - I have a question about supplements. I have what I believe to be a case of intestinal permeability among other things, do you think it would be a good idea to take L-glutamine?

55:18 – G.E. - I recently experienced an interesting event. I fasted for 5 days and when I started to drink juices and eat fruits again, I peed very opaque urine with "sand" in it... approximately 2 days later (urinated 5 times) my urine was clear again. What do you think of that? Should I have troubled urine all the time? Are my kidneys filtering correctly now that I don't see a deposit in my urine any more?

57:38 – Margareta - I'm 24 years old. Beauty is very important to me, i do everything i can to maintain this one body i have. I wanted to know what organ / system in our body is responsible for the growth of our eyelashes? How can I grow my eyelashes longer & thicker naturally?

1:04:45 – Andrea - Is it possible to achieve kidney filtration whilst on diuretics? My husband takes them as he is having problems with fluid build up in his pleural cavity (right side). they drained 7 litres of fluid out of him last year and were talking of a liver transplant.

1:11:15 – Anonymous – Thoughts on Pterygius (aka surfer’s eye), causes & treatment & exostosis (aka, surfer ear, abnormal bony growth in the ear canal.)

1:19:00 – Pras – What is your opinion on coconut water fasting?

1:20:44 – Cynthis - I've been treated for glaucoma for a couple of years. Had surgery on my right eye, to release fluids and bring down the pressure reading. Putting drops in both eyes. I have recently been diagnosed with hyper parathyroid and told that surgery is the only solution. I'm not going for that. What do you recommend/suggest?
1:25:34 – What are your thoughts on the ketogenic diet? (High fat).

1:39:29 – Rich – I’m emailing you today not to ask anything of you but to offer the brief story of personal experience which may help inspiration and motivation to your many listeners.

1:53:09 – Lois - My 14 yr old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis-18 degree curvature, she has irregular menses, every couple of months now this past month she menstruated twice in 1 month. The dr said  if it continues over the next 4-6 months, she'll need to go to a gyno for hormonal therapy-which I definitely don't want. My guess weak pituitary? What would you recommend she do?

2:00:15 – Naseefa - I am 30 years old and have been on birth control for the past 2 and a half years. Since then, I have learned a lot about the female body. I will be starting the natural birth due to readying "taking charge of your fertility" and learning that BC is a steroid. I have gained a total of 60 lbs over the past 3 years. My main problem is my feet and ankles swells during and only in the summer. what should I do to fix this issue?

2:02:50 – Beatrice – My 13-year-old daughter Ocean has had full-body eczema for 2 years plus, non-stop…

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